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Caravan water heaters: Thieves are looking to strike during peak times

Posted by Freddy Morton

People who have just invested in caravan water heaters have been warned that thieves are looking to strike at this time of year.

Stuart Chapman, police liaison officer for Tracker, said that successfully stealing a caravan is made easier for criminals during the summer as they can camouflage their acquisition among the thousands which are on the roads at the moment.

"This is the time of year that caravan thefts start to reach their peak and worryingly we are seeing examples where single-minded thieves are removing industry recognised anti-theft locks from caravans," Mr Chapman stated.

He added that fitting a tracking device means that caravan owners stand a greater chance of having their vehicle recovered, even if it has been taken some distance from where it was stolen.

Last month, GetSurrey.co.uk reported that a caravan containing around £2,000 worth of electronic items was stolen from a farm in Lingfield.