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Caravanners should plan their journey carefully

Posted by Greg Throughton

Caravanners who have spent the last few weeks making sure their caravan water heaters and other vital parts are working ahead of their break have been given some advice.

Anyone heading off on holiday over the coming weeks should carefully plan their journey to help them avoid delays, the Highways Agency has claimed.

The organisation noted that the next two days (July 23rd and 24th) are likely to see hundreds of families head off on vacation, with most of the UK's schools now closed for summer.

Steve Crosthwaite is head of the Highways Agency's National Traffic Control Centre and advised caravanners to check the weather and traffic before they leave home.

"After packing the car with luggage and children, the desire to arrive by a certain time, together with all the expectation that has built up over many months and a long journey ahead, mean the stress factors can be greater," he said.

Mr Crosthwaite added that the radio and service station information boards can be useful for avoiding traffic.

Meanwhile, the Hunts Post has revealed that a Ramsey Mereside resident has had their caravan stolen.