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Rubber and plastic trim for caravans and motorhomes

Awning rail insert - Herzim Strip

Rubber seal for caravan windows. Plastic trim for aluminium extrusions, awning rails, door frames, rooflights and interior joints.
Herzim Strip 114 Infill for Aluminim Extrusions    

Joint trim, inner side and roof, Colour cream. Price per metre.

Awning rail rubber, Black. Priced by the metre

Edging Trim T Fast, black with metal insert to grip sheet metal or plastic. Designed to protect the edge of sheet metal or plastic. Approx. size 14mm x 9mm. Priced per metre.

Awning rail insert, Used on Bailey caravans. Price per metre.

Width 18mm.

Gutter trim, Priced per metre. Used on Bailey caravans. You will receive the trim in one piece to your specified length.

Rooflight seal, black, Priced per metre
Herxhim Strip 110    

Herzim Strip 110 used with aluminium mouldings. It is used as a screw cover strip. Available in black, cream, grey, maroon, silver, white, beige, green and navy blue. ( PRICED PER METRE BUT CUT TO 1 C.....  MORE >>
Herzim strip 113, Rubber and plastic trim, accessories    

Herzim Strip 113. Width 15mm before fitting. Normally used on waist rails as a Screw cover strip. ( PRICED PER METRE BUT CUT TO 1 CONTINUOUS LENGTH AS ORDERED IF MORE THAN 1M NEEDED SIMPLY INCREASE .....  MORE >>
Herxhim Strip 110

Herzim strip 115 white - 17.5mm wide.
PVC Filler Strip. Normally used on waist rails etc. to cover fixings or as a screw cover strip.

Width stated is as measured before fitting.

Opening window rubber with mastic    

Opening window rubber with larger bulb, for wall thickness of 25mm & 27mm & 30mm. Black. Priced per metre. Mastic in situ.
Opening window rubber with mastic    

Opening Window Rubber with Smaller Bulb. Sold per metre. Designed for 25, 27 and 30mm wall thickness. Mastic in situ
Insert for opening window rubber    

Insert for opening window rubber, available in grey or white and 23mm or 25mm width. Priced per metre.

Rubber Draught Excluder, composite self grip type

White ribbed PVC waist section - width 25mm. Can be used on waist rail where wider insert is required. Price per metre.

Glazing Rubber 6mm X 6mm
Glass 6mm, Panel 6mm
Clearance between glass and panel 8mm
Minimum bend radius 102mm
Sold per metre.

Window Sealing Rubber Gasket. Slides into the edge of the opening part of an aluminium framed window to form a weathertight seal when window is closed

Neoprene non-intercellular sponge rubber with adhesive back. Used to seal opening windows on static caravans. Size 10mm x 3mm. Sold per metre.

Intercellular sponge rubber with adhesive back.- can be used to seal fridges into caravans. Sold per metre.

Locker Seal Small

Universal rubber seal in black to effect a seal between a cooker hob or sink and worksurface SOLD PER METRE but in one continuous length.

Edging Trim T Fast, light grey with metal insert to grip sheet metal or plastic. Designed to protect the edge of sheet metal or plastic. Approx. size 14mm x 9mm. Priced per metre. Image shows T-Fast .....  MORE >>

Expanded polyethylene. Colour dark grey. Requires only 15-20% compression to form an airtight seal. Temperature range -80 to +80 degrees C. Dry and clean to use.
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