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Jockey wheels - complete jockey wheel - spare jockey wheel

Jockey wheel

We stock a wide range of caravan jockey wheels, spindles and other spares for jockey wheels for both your caravan and trailer.

Jockey wheel complete. Plastic wheel rim, solid rubber tyre

Can hold up to 100kg of weight
Supplied without clamp.
Iron casting with steel tubes.

48mm Jockey Wheel
Extra strength tubes.

Strong steel wheel with rubber tyre.
Heavy steel section used for the forks.
Caravan Jockey Wheel: Ideal for caravans and l.....  MORE >>

42mm heavy duty solid caravan jockey wheel assembly for caravan or trailer.

Wheel: 200 x 50mm metal rim

Caravan Jockey wheel complete 48mm shaft, pneumatic tyre.

Super heavy duty ribbed telescopic caravan jockey wheel 48mm jockey wheel.
48mm diameter tube
Super Heavy Duty
Ribbed tube
225mm steel wheel
Solid rubber tyre
Max .....  MORE >>

Heavy duty jockey wheel with 42mm shaft. Suitable for heavier trailers and catering vehicles.

48mm caravan jockey wheel kit for caravan or trailer. Shaft Size: 48mm
Plastic Wheel: 260 x 85mm
Pneumatic tyre - fitted
Includes Clamp & handle

48mm clamp & handle for jockey shaft on caravan or trailer

This 5 section mast extends to 3.6m. It comes complete with 2 jockey wheel brackets for maximum stability.
Manufactured from lightweight aluminium.
Ideal for caravan, trailer tents.

Jockey wheel spindle, secured with a split pin at one end and tongue flange at the other. Diameter 20mm
Clamp brackets    

Clamp brackets to accept jockey wheel with shaft diameter of 35mm, 42mm or 48mm.
Spare Jockey wheels    

A variety of spare jockey wheels with metal or plastic rims
PRESSURE PAD jockey wheel

AL-KO Pressure Pad
For Cast Clamps
To prevent the jockey handle digging into and damaging the shaft of the jockey wheel

AL-KO Jockey wheel, heavy Duty, 48mm, with soft wheel

Spare wheel only for 20mm shaft diameter.( Image shows complete wheel assembly with spare wheel in situ.) Diameter 200 mm, width of tyre 70 mm. Width at hub 85 mm.

The Al-KO Caravan Boat or Trailer Manoeuvring Handle will fit any 48mm diameter Jockey wheel shaft.
It also acts as a safety device preventing the jockey wheel slipping through the clamp.

At Leisureshopdirect we stock an extensive list of jockey wheels both for caravans and for trailers. And because we also believe in helping our customers to repair and upgrade their existing equipment, rather than having to buy whole items new when just one part needs replacing, we also stock a range of spares and parts for your trailer or caravan jockey wheel, from jockey wheel spindles, to clamp brackets, spare wheels and manoeuvring handles.

And, becausejockey wheels are an essential part not only of towing but also of load=bearing when your caravan is in situ, we stock high quality jockey wheels that can be relied upon to perform well. You will find AL-KO Alko Jockey wheels listed here, as well as a range of lighter-heavier duty complete wheels/kits. So you should find what you are looking for, whatever your trailer or caravan jockey wheel requirements are.

Jockey Wheels at highly competitive prices

If you are looking for a jockey wheel for caravan or trailer and want to pay comeptitive pricing, then you are on the right site. At leisureshopdirect we pride ourslves on keeping our prices low and therefore our customers happy. if you should find the same item for less elsewhere then we will do our utmost to match that lower price - we don't want to lose your custom over the odd penny or two!
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