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Towball and fittings - breakaway cable - trailer hitch

Towball and fittings

Towballs and fittings for your caravan or trailer. Trailer hitches, drop plates, spacers, everything you would require.

Extended towball to accommodate AL-KO stabiliser. The AL-KO towball conforms to EC 94/20 A50-X and has been designed specifically to be used with the AL-KO AKS Stabiliser . The use of any other bolt-o.....  MORE >>
Drop plate, towball and fittings, couplings.    

Drop plate for lowering the height of the ball bracket. 4 hole plate c/w 2 fixing bolts, nuts and washers. Available in 4 sizes
Towball Spacers    

Towball Spacers, a towball and coupling accessory. 4 sizes available.
Hi Tensile Bolts    

Hi Tensile Bolts in various sizes. For the secure mounting of a towball to a towbar, these bolts are ideal.
Bump-Guard Black - Standard    

Standard towball with two fixing holes.
Height: 8cm
Width: 13cm
Length: 12cm
Weight: 1.672kg

Universal Coupling . High tensile steel forged 50mm ball bracket with 27.7 mm towing pin. For towing Trailers up to 2 tons from the pin,

Towball high reach 50mm, EU approved. Provides clearance for caravan couplings with integral
stabilizer (Alko and Winterhoff)

Towball cover to fit extended AL-KO towball, incorporating reflector. A purpose made towball cover, to keep your towball clean and protect against rust formation.

Reflector no.....  MORE >>

Tow Ball Cover - Black

Hitch coupling for 50mm Trailer Box Section. Trailer hitch for unbraked trailers. Vertical fixing holes to suit 10mm bolts. distance between holes is 90mm. Suitable for trailers up to 750kg.

Trailer hitch coupling for unbraked trailer up to 750kg.
Suitable for fixing to 60mm box section

Secondary coupling cable to prevent trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle in the event of failure of the ball coupling. 500mm long.
Suitable for unbraked trailers

Adjustable coupling suitable for all trailers not requiring brakes e.g. caddy etc. Press steel 50mm hitch. The length of this item is 28mm - internal measurement (width 50mm) - 80mm external width.

The Al-Ko Soft Ball fits over the tow ball. The soft and absorbent rubber compound cushioning surface ensures that when manoeuvring backwards, minor collisions will end without damage. Easy to fit the.....  MORE >>

Soft dock. Covers standard Al-ko tow hitch to soften any contact.

Fits temporarily between car tow ball and caravan hitch to measure the nose weight of the caravan which should be between 50 and 65kg. NOT TO BE FITTED WHILST TOWING.

This is the only Noseweight Gauge approved and calibrated to the British standard for these instruments. It offers calibrated precision, accuracy, reliability and technical superiority over other Nose.....  MORE >>

Caravan Weight Control gives you 100% control over the total weight and the partial weights of the individiual wheels. Using the handy balance you may easily prevent excess and uneven loads which may.....  MORE >>

Reich Electronic nose weight gauge TLC.
Digital measuring, Accurate readout, Added safety, Compact Design

Cast 50mm coupling for all trailers not requiring brakes.
Plated coupling

Bradley Hitch 50mm Cast Coupling
Height: 14cm
Width: 24cm
Length: 7cm
Weight: 3.592kg
Universal fixing base, Suitable for unbaked trailers up to 1,400kg (max 75.....  MORE >>

Universal fitting number plate holder.

Towballs and Hitch Couplings for you caravan or trailer.

A selection of towballs and hitch couplings for you caravan.

Towball for Caravans and Trailers

If you have an AL-KO AKS Stabiliser fitted to your caravan, you need to ensure that you are using the correct towball. AL-KO supplies a black painted towball as part of every boxed UK stabiliser sold. However, if your stabiliser is fitted as standard equipment to your new caravan, it is important to check with your caravan dealer if the AL-KO towball is included as part of the specification. It may be an item that you need to purchase separately. A purpose made towball cover, to keep your towball clean and protect against rust formation. Towball cover for Alko AKS extended towball
The Alko AKS Towball is an extended towball to accommodate AL-KO stabiliser. The EU Approved High Reach Towball provides clearance for caravan couplings with integral stabilizer (Alko and Winterhoff).

Hitch Couplings for Caravans and Trailers

Unbraked or braked Ball Couplings for your caravan or trailer. It is important that you have been correctly advised and shown by your dealer how to couple a caravan to a tow vehicle. It is easier if the coupling is higher than the tow ball before reversing the car. Use the jockey wheel to adjust the eight. Carlton Light Trailer Coupling is an adjustable coupling suitable for all trailers not requiring brakes.

Break Away Cables for caravans and trailers

If your trailer is unbraked then you will need a secondary coupling, which usually comes in the form of a stout cable or chain connecting the trailer hitch to the tow bracket. It is designed to keep the trailer attached to the towing vehicle if the primary coupling fails. The length of cable or chain shall be such as to prevent the trailer hitch from dropping onto the road.
Trailers over 750kg must be fitted with brakes and these trailers must be fitted with a breakaway cable. In the event of the main coupling failing, the breakaway cable will apply the trailer brakes and then snap off.
TheSteel Breakaway cable is designed to apply the brakes on a trailer or caravan in the event of the trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle.

Towing Accessories

Find accessories for your towball and coupling for your caravan or trailer here. Milenco nose weight gauge is an accurate and reliable nose weight gauge and has a clear large scale to ensure precise and safe loading of a caravan for stability whilst towing, Car manufacturers quote a maximum permitted noseweight for each car model, which is the maximum caravan hitch weight permitted on the car towball. Important for stability that the caravan noseweight is heavy enough, and it is recommended that the optimum for stability of the outfit when towing is generally found to be approximately 7% of the caravan’s ALW. Drop Plates for lowering the height of the ball bracket. Towball Spacers Used for spacing the towball away from bumper, step or other obstruction. Hi Tensile Bolts for the secure mounting of a towball to a towbar,
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