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Towing plugs & sockets - 7 pin plug - 13 pin plug - 7 socket

Towing plugs & sockets

Towing plugs & sockets for use in connecting the electrics of your caravan to your car.

Towing plug allows caravan with two 7 pin plugs to be connected to towing vehicle with 13 pin socket. Leads 12" long.

Conversion lead. Allows caravan with 13 pin plug to be connected to towing vehicle with two 7 pin sockets
13 pin to 7 pin adaptor Towing

13 pin to 7 pin adaptor used to convert 13 pin socket on towing vehicle to 7 pin plug on trailer

13 pin plug as fitted to all new caravans. Combines black and grey 7 pin plugs functions.

Adaptor 7 pin to 13 pin. Allows towing vehicle with single 7 pin socket to tow caravan with 13 pin plug

Seal and fixing bolts for 7 pin socket.

13 pin socket for mounting on towing vehicle.
HEIGHT: 18cm
WIDTH: 12cm
LENGTH: 7.5cm
Weight: 0.15kg

7 core cable for trailers

Light duty cable for trailer towing electrics. Priced per metre. 12N type. Size: 21 strand/0.2mm. Colour can be Black PVC casing.

Grey cable for towing electrics on caravans. Priced per metre.

No Description Available

In line coupler to accept 7 pin black plug. Normally used to extend towing cable.

In line coupler for grey cable. Normally used to extend towing cable.
Universal 7 way bypass relay

Relay unit used on many modern cars to prevent confusing the bulb failure warning system. May be used to provide a simple bypass function for circuit protection or can also be used on vehicles with pa.....  MORE >>

Bulgin Prewired N and S sockets on mounting plate, complete with 1.5 metre wire

Combined fridge power supply and split charging relay which enables the caravan refrigerator to function and an auxiliary battery to be charged whilst towing.

2 metres of 13 core cable with 13 pin plug at one end and 13 pin socket at the other end.


Pre-wired 12n cable with fitted socket

7 pin extension lead for trailer lights, 3 metres long

12N Coiled Cable with Two Plug
7 core black cable coiled and terminating with a 7 pin plug at both ends. Kit also supplied with one 7 pin socket

Holder for a 13 pin plug, white plastic.
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