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Dometic Fridge Spares

Dometic Fridge Parts - Dometic Fridge Spares

Dometic/Electrolux Spares for caravan fridges. Accessories and spare parts for dometic and electrolux fridges. Below is a list of spares that you will need to repair your dometic or electrolux caravan fridge.
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Electrolux flue kit for the 4 series fridges, RM122, RM123 and 2 series fridges.
Dometic PCB

PCB Dometic for RM4605, RM5405 and RM6505 + RM7505.
Dometic RM122 Refrigerator Spare Parts    

Dometic RM122 Refrigerator Spare Parts. Slim fridge for old and new campervans
Dometic RM123 Refrigerator Spare Parts    

The Dometic RM123 Refrigerator, the compact, light-weight absorption refrigerator
Dometic RM2200 Fridge Spare Parts    

Dometic RM2200 Fridge Spare Parts, please click through to the next page to see schematic diagrams.
Dometic RM2260 Fridge Spare Parts    

Dometic RM2260 Fridge Spare Parts. Please click through to next page to see schematic diagrams.
Dometic RM2262 Fridge Spare Parts    

Dometic RM2262 Fridge Spare Parts. Please click through to next page to see schematic diagrams.
Dometic RM2267 Refrigerator Spare Parts    

Dometic RM2267 Refrigerator Spare Parts. Please click through to next page to see schematic diagrams.
Dometic RM4210 Absorption Refrigerator Spare Parts    

Dometic RM4210 Absorption Refrigerator Spare Parts, you will be surprised how much you can fit into this compact and comfortable fridge. Please click through to next page to see schematic diagrams.
Dometic RM4211 LM Absorption Refrigerator Spare Parts    

Dometic RM4211 LM Absorption Refrigerator Spare Parts.The motorhome classic. You will be surprised how much you can fit into this compact and comfortable fridge. Please click through to next page to s.....  MORE >>

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Dometic spares: keeping your caravan in tip-top condition

Spending time in a caravan is a great chance to get away from the stresses of everyday life. For many, one of the best parts of a caravan holiday is being able to take all your home comforts with you, wherever you go.

But just like everything else, sometimes the appliances in a caravan need to be repaired. Here at Leisureshopdirect, we offer a vast collection of Dometic spares, enabling you to get your caravan refrigerators, awnings and generators back up and running. Should your appliance be beyond repair, we also offer a variety of new devices.

Caring for your caravan's refrigerator

Refrigerators and freezers are extremely useful appliances to have in your caravan. They come in a huge range of sizes and designs, so there's sure to be a Dometic fridge for your caravan.

Between uses, a caravan fridge can often harbour unpleasant odours. So before you close up your caravan after a holiday, be sure to clean the fridge thoroughly.

Pour some bicarbonate of soda on a bowl or plate, and place it inside the Dometic caravan fridge to absorb any remaining smells. And if the fridge will be turned off, prop the door open to allow air to circulate freely.

If you have a Dometic fridge that runs on gas - or if you have any other gas-powered appliances in your caravan - you should also look into installing a carbon monoxide detector. This essential piece of equipment will alert you and your family if any gas appliances are producing toxic fumes.

Enjoy your caravan awning for many years

Dometic awnings come in a wide range of styles and sizes. From small shelters that extend a few feet from the door, through to large tent-like structures that nearly double your living space.

Whatever kind of awning you have, be sure to take good care of it so that it lasts through many holidays. One of the best ways to do this is to wipe it down thoroughly to remove dirt and moisture before storing.

Additionally, if your caravan awning uses guy-wires for stability, they can sometimes pose a tripping hazard. Make the lines more visible by hanging coloured ribbon from them to help avoid painful falls. You can also poke holes in tennis balls and place them over the ground pegs - this will make them stand out and will add some padding in case somebody does fall on one.

Get the most from your caravan's generator

If you travel to locations where electricity hook-ups are not available, a Dometic generator can be a very welcome accessory for your caravan.

Caravan generators help to ensure that you never miss out on the comforts of home while enjoying the great outdoors. To get the best performance, you should take time to undertake regular maintenance on the generator and if you need any Dometic spares, Leisureshopdirect can help you out.

Leisureshopdirect: providing an array of Dometic spares

Whether you're in need of Dometic spare parts, or a completely new appliance, look no further than Leisureshopdirect. As one of the largest suppliers of caravan parts in the UK, we're sure to have just what you need, including Smev spares and Seitz parts.

And if you'd like to find out about the latest caravan news, why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter? We'll also let you know about any special offers that become available.

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Dometic Combicool RC1200
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