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Smev hobs and cookers - Series 4000 - Smev 2 burner hob

Smev hobs and cookers

SMEV Hobs and Cookers
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SMEV Series 200 Mini Oven no Grill + Spare Parts    

SMEV Series 200 Mini Oven no Grill - FO200GT. The Series-200 has a standard down-swinging door, and comes with standard 12 V ignition, full thermostatic control, in an easy clean brushed stainless ste.....  MORE >>
SMEV 8000 Series - Hob    

The SMEV 8000 series of stainless steel drop-ins feature ease of installation, compact size and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

3 Burner hob with round sink combination unit with integral black glass cover. Piezo ignition.
Sizes 680mm wide x 440mm deep. Bowl Depth 135mm Total height 150mm.
Tap not included - 134073 o.....  MORE >>

2 burner hob with round sink and glass lid. Includes 12 volt ignition.
Dimensions 680 x 440 x 142mm deep

2-Burner Build-In Combi Unit and Glass Lid.

For a sleek look galley or caravan with little space, the SMEV 2 -burner build-in combination unit is ideal. The Series-8300's laminated glass li.....  MORE >>

Smev 1 Burner Built-in Hob PI8621RP. SMEV single-burner flush-mounted built-in hobs are no larger than a sheet of A4 paper. Their multi-burner counterparts are also amazingly compact. All units come .....  MORE >>

Smev 2 Burner Hob & Grill with Piezo
•2 burner
•Flame failure on all burners
•Width 420mm Depth 370mm

Stylish and compact 2-burner SMEV hob with piezo ignition. It comes in an easy clean brushed stainless steel finish. W420 x D370mm. Detachable chrome pan support, enamelled burner caps, safety igniti.....  MORE >>

Stylish and compact 2-burner SMEV hob without piezo ignition. It comes in an easy clean brushed stainless steel finish.

The Smev 2232 2 burner hob is made from stainless steel with a matt finish. The Smev 2232 2 burner hob has the control knobs positioned on the front for ease of operation. The Smev 2232 2 burner hob h.....  MORE >>
SMEV 913 Series 3 Burner Hobs

Optimising work surfaces is what the SMEV 3-burner hob is designed for. Clever burner layout allows three cooking pots to sit on a hob no larger than a 2-burner. It comes in an easy clean brushed stai.....  MORE >>
SMEV 913 Series 3 Burner Hobs

SMEV 3 Burner Hob without Electronic Ignition. Optimising work surfaces is what the SMEV 3-burner hob is designed for. Clever burner layout allows three cooking pots to sit on a hob no larger than a 2.....  MORE >>

The Smev 8463 is a narrow in-line 3 burner unit with 12v electronic ignition. Size: 590mm wide x 350mm deep. Height : 141mm.

Includes black glass cover.

4 Burner Stainless Steel hob with flame failure device.
Size;470mm (w) x 380mm (d).
Manual ignition with grill.

Smev 20 litre oven with grill and thermostat. A new small oven developed due to numerous requests for this size. The oven will make retrofitting an oven to Continental Motorhomes much easier. 20 litr.....  MORE >>

Built in oven with 12V ignition, oven light and thermostat
This smart SMEV build-in oven is ideal for those galleys where optimising space is essential. The Series-3000 has a standard down-swingi.....  MORE >>

This super-smart SMEV build-in MiniGrill can be installed almost anywhere in the galley. It has a standard down-swinging door, and comes with piezo ignition, in an easy clean brushed stainless steel f.....  MORE >>

Smev 555 Mini Grill with Piezo Ignition
Complete grill and casing with glass hinge down door. Door must be open when grill is in use. This is not a small oven it is an independent build in grill......  MORE >>

Smev cooker for campervans, motorhomes caravans, boats - Smev combination 2 burner hob with sink in Inox silver finish.

Ideal replacement for worn unit or self build of campervans or motor.....  MORE >>

The SMEV MO911L caravan and motorhome hob and sink combination has a safety ignition system, detachable pot grids that are easy to clean, tap fitting outside (taps not included). Rectangular sink to.....  MORE >>

SMEV combination 2 burner 2.8kW hob with rectangular sink (to left),
A solution for your on board kitchen combining double-burner hob and a sink. Made from sturdy stainless steel and compact in .....  MORE >>

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SMEV hobs and cookers for your mobile kitchen in your Caravan or Motorhome

Cooking like at home with minimum gas and energy consumption SMEV hobs and ovens help you to save gas and reduce your energy costs. The burners feature separate detachable pot grills and a flame-failure device to ensure the highest level of safety.

SMEV Ovens, Cookers, Hobs and Grills

An industry standard now, the quality and performance of the SMEV range is legendary - SMEV were one of the first companies to fit flame failure devices for example. The product of choice for many top motorhome builders. Our stock selection is full caravanning specification and all are in stainless steel.

The SMEV hob and cooker wide product choice

The wide product selection makes it easy to find the optimum solution for your installation needs. SMEV hobs are available in various sizes and with 1 burner, 2 burners, for example the SMEV Series 1262 2 Burner Hob with grill, electric ignition,
3 burners or 4 burners, with or without the electronic ignition. The SMEV series 8000 hobs with glass lids give you extra work surface and protection. SMEV cookers are available in 20 litre size Smev 20 Litre Oven & Grill without Lamp and Ignition
or 30 litre size and the SMEV Series 300 LPG Cooker with hinge down door plus 4 burner hob gives you the oven together with the hob area. TheSMEV cookers are available with or without the grill.

SMEV combination units

SMEV combination units gives you hobs with 1 burner, 2 burners such as Smev MO921 2 Burner Hob/Sink Combination Right, 3 burners or 4 burners complete with sinks and drainer on the left or right hand size, with peizo ignition or electric ignition in many different sizes and dimensions.

All SMEV hobs and cookers are stainless steel with heat-resistant safety glass lid on selected models.

Smev hobs and cookers: Compact but not a compromise

Back in the day, caravan holidays were seen as anything but luxurious. Caravanning was almost seen as one step up from camping. The sentiment was that while caravans boasted the benefits of lockable doors and - potentially - windows, they were all too close to sleeping under the stars.

This view of caravan holidays was antiquated even during antiquity, however, and the latest technology - like Smev hobs and cookers - show that taking a trip in a caravan is anything but basic.

In fact a well kitted-out caravan with a cooker along the lines of those in the Smev hobs and cookers range will make your holiday seem much more five star than faux pas.

Smev hobs and cookers have literally revolutionised caravan cooking. Nowadays, holidaymakers won't settle for second rate kitchen equipment and the makers of Smev hobs and cookers know this. Which is why they have developed a highly-regarded range of kitchen stoves and sink units that provide that little bit of luxury in the smallest space possible.

Smev hobs and cookers have become a staple on the caravanning circuit and if you’re renting a caravan before opting to buy one for yourself, it is likely it will come equipped with something from the Smev hobs and cookers range.

Are Michelin stars possible with Smev hobs and cookers?

Now, we can't promise anything here, but one thing is for sure - Smev hobs and cookers have changed the face of caravan cooking. You no longer have to make do with burnt toast and a tepid Pot Noodle. Smev hobs and cookers are versatile, elegant and, first and foremost, functional.

While the ball's in your court when it comes to racking up the Michelin stars for your culinary delights, having sturdy and reliable kitchen appliances is a must if you are aiming for the heady heights of caravan cuisine. So, Smev hobs and cookers are an excellent place to start.

Of course, every chef needs his space, which is why the Smev hobs and cookers range is so popular. All the products in it are extremely compact, which will allow you to maximise worktop space in other parts of the kitchen - and lets face it, chopping onions and filleting fish takes more room than scrambling eggs, so the Smev hobs and cookers range appear to have got things the right way round by creating compact yet functional sink and cooker combos.

Some fine examples from the Smev hobs and cookers range

There is practically an endless list of Smev hobs and cookers to choose from, all of which have their individual merits. And, as with practically every other area of caravan accessories, choosing the right device for the job is wholly reliant on the situation it is to be used in.

One of the best sellers in the Smev hobs and cookers range is the Smev Combination 2-Burner Hob/Sink, which is an exceptional piece of kitchen engineering.

This compact combi burner with a regular sink is housed under a stylish break-proof glass lid that will protect the inner workings of the cooker against the elements. It also creates an extra bit of useable workspace - which can come in handy for owners of extremely compact caravans. It measures just 152mm x 900mm x 270mm in total.

The Smev Combination 2-Burner Hob/Sink is powered by gas and has an output of 12kW. It has a simple 12V electric ignition that is both safe and reliable and weighs just 5.8kg.

A Smev hobs and cookers alternative is the Smev Series 8300 2-Burner Build-In Combi Unit and Glass Lid. This is shorter and stockier fitting a space of 680mm x 440mm, but offers the same high performance that users of Smev hobs and cookers expect.

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