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Spinflo hobs and cookers - shelf - 2/4 burner hob - caprice

Spinflo hobs and cookers: A mind-boggling range of top-quality stoves

Spinflo hobs and cookers plus spares for your spinflo hob or cooker.


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Spinflo Thermocouples    

Spinflo Thermocouples for Spinflo hobs and cookers
Spare Oven Shelves for Spinflo Cookers    
Spinflo Hob Knobs    

Spare knobs for Spinflo hobs
Spinflo Oven Knobs    

Knobs for spinflo cookers. Available in two designs and several colours.
Knobs for Spinflo Cookers    

Plain knobs for Spinflo cookers available in several styles and a choice of colours.
Glass Lids for Spinflo Cookers    

Universal rubber seal in black to effect a seal between a cooker hob or sink and worksurface SOLD PER METRE but in one continuous length.
Spinflo Midi Prima Mk lll - SOP70000 series Spare Parts    
Spinflo Enigma 600 Cooker + Spare Parts    

Spinflo Enigma 600 Cooker - Grey + Spare Parts. Please click through to next page to see schematic diagram
Spinflo 12V Caprice 2040 Cooker    

Cara Oven Beige

Compact and lightweight oven for caravan and motorhome applications.
•Thermostatically controlled with flame fail device.
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Spinflo 4-burner hob with grill, stainless Steel, Right hand controls,and flame failure device fitted. Size;500mm wide x 400mm long.

Spinflo Triplex Cooker in black. Dimensions: W456 x H468 x D500. Oven capacity 36L, 3 burner hob, grill, thermostat and electronic ignition.
Gas cooker

Spinflo Stainless Steel Mini Grill with 4 Burners. Dimensions: height 311mm x width 513mm x depth 500mm. Image for illustrative purposes only.

Compact oven and grill with 12 volt ignition. Dimension 445mm high, 456mm wide and 440mm deep. Colour black/silver

Cooker colour may be different from picture

LPG Built in cooker with storage draw and drop down lid. Hob burners 2x2.0 KW, 1x1.5KW & 1x 1.0KW Oven burner: 1.5KW Grill burner: 1.6KW Oven volume: 42 ltr- Weight: 30.0kg 12V Fan assisted cooling 12.....  MORE >>

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Spinflo Products

Spinflo, established for over 30 years, is the UK's largest and most experienced manufacturer and supplier of cooking and heating appliances to the Leisure Industry.
From tents, touring caravans and motor homes to the most exclusive holiday homes and apartments Spinflo have the appliances to suit your application and budget.

Spinflo Caravan and Motorhome Hobs, Ovens, Grills and Sinks

The Spinflo caravan and motorhome hobs, caravan and motorhome ovens, caravan and motorhome grills, caravan and motorhome ovens and caravan and motorhome sinks are world-renowned because of their high quality and customization possibilities. This enables customer specific solutions for the cooking, heating and kitchen workstation requirements. Whether you've got a holiday home, touring caravan or motor home we have the appliances to fit your application and budget!


These combination ovens are world-renowned for their quality and durability. All Spinflo appliances are easy to install, and available in a range of colours.

All Spinflo cookers – see Spinflo Enigma 600 Cooker, have either 12 v or 240 v spark ignition system and feature domestic style burners and taps with flame failure devices. All these spare parts are available from All products have reliable controls, are easy to install and are available in many different materials and finishes. Made with uncompromising quality, these are just some of the many advantages of your Spinflo cookers.

Spinflo Products Tested to ensure Ultimate Safety

Of course, every Spinflo cooker product is thoroughly tested to ensure ultimate safety and client satisfaction. Needless to say, all items are approved for the latest European standards (EN30). In 2005, Spinflo became a division of Thetford. Thetford is the leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile sanitation systems, additives and absorption refrigeration systems for the recreational market, based in the Netherlands. From tents, caravans and motor homes to the most exclusive holiday homes and apartments, Spinflo by Thetford has the appliances to suit everybody’s application and budget!
Hotplates, hobs and grills, ovens, full cookers, range style cook centres, gas and fires are all available in a wide choice of colours, styles and finishes.

Spinflo hobs and cookers: A mind-boggling range of top-quality stoves

When it comes to picking a cooker for the home, choice is the key. Unfortunately this usually involves traipsing around the shops looking for the perfect kitchen appliance - unless you shop online of course. While sifting through brochures and looking at endless numbers of similar looking appliances might seem like a chore at first, you soon get into it and you realise that more choice is far better than no choice.

When it comes to caravan kitchen appliances, choice is not a problem with the Spinflo hobs and cookers range. The list of appliances is extensive and they are designed to fit a whole host of different culinary situations.

The thing is, if you thought it was difficult getting the perfect cooker for your home, imagine the added difficulty of picking one that fits in a compact caravan kitchen. Fortunately, with the Spinflo hobs and cookers range you will come up trumps and find a kitchen solution that ticks all the right boxes.

The simple reason for this is that Spinflo hobs and cookers are designed with caravan holidays in mind. They are engineered to make the maximum use of the space available and they are created to be as energy efficient as possible.

What's more, Spinflo hobs and cookers don't compromise on style or build quality. So they will always look the part, as well as offering excellent performance and all the mod cons associated with a fully-equipped home kitchen.

The Spinflo hobs and cookers range is extensive

We weren't lying when we said there is plenty of choice in the Spinflo hobs and cookers range. But choice is limited to colour or whether or not your cooker has a chrome, scratch resistant finish. The various models in the Spinflo hobs and cookers range are ideally suited to individual caravans and individual situations.

If you have a large caravan with stacks of space you can pick a full-sized model from the Spinflo hobs and cookers range that will afford you all the benefits of a traditional home cooker during mealtimes.

If you're a little more pressed for space, however, simple but effective hob units can provide an excellent alternative to eating takeaway every night.

Spinflo hobs and cookers are easy to fit, easy to use and easy to maintain, making the perfect choice for both veteran caravanners and newbies.

Some great products from the Spinflo hobs and cookers range

The list of high-quality Spinflo hobs and cookers products is almost endless - and certainly too large to list here.

There's the Spinflo Midi Prima, Spinflo Cara Oven and Spinflo Caprice to name just a few. But it might help to look at a few examples to show the flexibility of the Spinflo hobs and cookers range.

Take the Spinflo Enigma 600 Cooker for example. It is an exceptional, integrated caravan kitchen appliance that boasts both excellent performance and a stylish exterior. Its incredible modular design means that even after substantial amounts of use, parts can be replaced simply and easily. With Spinflo hobs and cookers there's no need to drag out the repair to fix a fault, because the modular design makes it incredibly easy to remedy. The Enigma 600 offers all the benefits of a fully-fledged cooker but will fit in a compact caravan with ease.

At the other end of the spectrum, for those for whom space really is a premium, there is the Spinflo Argent Hob LH with Glass Lid. This compact, four-burner hob is also modular and offers the ultimate in cooking prowess in the smallest of spaces. The stainless steel finish makes it easy to clean and its sturdy construction makes it a totally reliable kitchen addition.

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