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Dometic Heki Rooflight - Mini Heki - Midi Heki


To enjoy good weather and a safe journey in a caravan or motorhome you need ventilation you can rely on. Seitz products by Dometic are designed to improve your safety and comfort. They are continuously optimised to offer the highest level of protection against unwanted entry or views and provide excellent thermal insulation – just like at home.
Dometic Mini Heki AirQuad    

Please click details for technical drawing. The Dometic Heki 1 Rooflight gives variable ventilation for every situation. The Heki 1 is opened with a manual winding system. The glazing panel can be rai.....  MORE >>
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Heki Rooflight additional installation kit for use with Seitz Heki Rooflight - Black

Heki Rooflight additional installation kit for use with Seitz Heki Rooflight - Yellow
assembly set Heki 2-4 WS 39-46mm

Heki Rooflight additional installation kit for use with Seitz Heki Rooflights 2 - 4. Blue
Dometic  Midi Heki additional installation kits    

Midi Heki additional installation kits comes supplied with fixing kit for roof thickness 30-34mm. Other roofs require additional installation kit as follows.
Heki Cover    

Protective cover for Heki Vents. Available in 5 sizes

Drive Pinion for Interior Frame HEKI 3

Heki caravan rooflights: Getting closer to nature

One of the best ways to boost the look and feel of a caravan interior is to get more natural light in. Whether you're hitting the road in the summer months or planning a short winter getaway, having plenty of natural light will make the experience a whole lot more pleasant.
Now, this is not always easy - particularly if your caravan didn't arrive equipped with sizeable windows - but, there is a swift and simple solution. Just install Heki caravan rooflights.
Heki caravan rooflights will give your caravan interior the boost you are looking for and make it a much more welcoming place to spend your time. Once you're piping in enough natural light, you won't need to switch on those caravan lights to read (or write) your holiday bestseller, so you could even save on electricity.
What's more, Heki caravan rooflights provide protection from the elements and offer a substantial amount of ventilation - perfect if you trek to the south of France and your caravan interior is starting to get a little stuffy.
In short Heki caravan rooflights are a must for those who holiday regularly. They will make your trips much more relaxing and because Heki caravan rooflights are made by Dometic, you know you're getting quality when you part with your hard-earned cash.

What can I expect from the Heki caravan rooflights range?

As mentioned above, the Heki caravan rooflights are manufactured by Dometic - the leading light in caravan accessories. So when you buy a product from the Heki caravan rooflights range, you can expect excellent build-quality, ease of installation, operational reliability and a long-lasting light-boosting solution.
Dometic - and its Heki caravan rooflights - have been on the caravanning scene for quite some time and the fact they have remained popular for so long is testament to the unwavering dedication Dometic has shown to improving and perfecting its Heki caravan rooflights.
The Dometic Heki 1 Rooflight is the standard by which other rooflights are measured in the range. The Heki 1 sports a manual winding system with a lift and tilt rooflight. According to Dometic it guarantees more light - giving caravans a great spacious feeling. It has acrylic double glazing and a polyurethane casing, which offers excellent insulation.
Next up in the range is the Dometic Heki 2 Rooflight, which offers similar light-boosting benefits to the Heki 1, but has a metal bar handle, which holds the pane open with pneumatic stays. It has a bad weather setting, which will not allow rain in, and prevents the rooflight from being forced open by the wind. The Heki 2 is an excellent, affordable addition to the Heki caravan rooflights range.
For those more pressed for space, Dometic's Heki caravan rooflights boasts the Dometic Mini Hekiplus. This pint-sized rooflight is a must-have for small caravan owners. It has an easy-adjustment operating lever, with three positions, and a similar bad weather setting for those more wintry jaunts. Like every other rooflight in the Heki caravan rooflights range, it has excellent build quality and is simple to install.
For those with plenty of space, the Dometic Midi Heki Rooflight is the perfect lighting and ventilation solution. It is much bigger than other products in the Heki caravan rooflights portfolio, but has the same simple operation and long-lasting durability.

Which Heki caravan rooflights product should I go for?

Picking the right Heki caravan rooflights depends on your situation, but you can rest assured that whatever model you opt for, the build quality and durability will be second-to-none. Moreover, all the products in the Heki caravan rooflights range will lift your caravan interior with added light.

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