Camper van conversion parts

Camper van conversions make a fantastic investment for people who like to roam, explore, and be part of the growing and untethered community of home-from-home owners. With new plug-and-play kits being developed and conversion car companies cropping up every year, van life enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. But with the rising cost of bespoke van conversions, many van owners resort to DIY projects instead. With the right camper van conversion parts and accessories, self-build campervan conversions are an excellent way to put your own stamp on your camper, so that the layout, design, and equipment meets all your needs. At Leisureshopdirect, we stock all the camper van conversion parts and accessories to make your self-built camper van truly yours.
Camper Van Conversion Electrics
When it comes to electrics, your camper van conversion parts must be well-made, durable, and reliable products. At leisureshopdirect, we stock all the switches, plugs, sockets, and lighting accessories for modern comforts. Browse our catalog for connectors, electric hook-up leads, control panels, distribution boxes, and voltmeters, and leave no stone unturned in your quest for a well-built camper. Choose from our wide selection of puck lights, spot lights, LED lights, fluorescent lights, lava lights, and halogen lights to achieve the look you want. And enjoy our range of recessed, touch control, waterproof, and flexible lighting options so that your camper is decked with all the right equipment for your journeys, giving you soft, soothing light throughout.

Camper Van Conversion Coolers
Camper van conversions are perfect for people with active lifestyles, but only if they come complete with coolers and fridges that store and keep perishable items fresh. Leisureshopdirect is your one-stop shop for fridges, fridge freezers, and cool boxes. We recommend compact Dometic camper van fridges, Thetford fridges, as well as original electric and gas powered cool boxes to all our customers. Our popular Dometic RML and RMS series fridges with thermostatic control, compressor fridges, Coolmatic fridges, and absorption fridge freezers keep cool in any weather, and they needn't weigh too much. In fact, we stock compact drawer fridges that make the most of the space available while also minimizing energy spend. Of course, no vacation is complete without essential camper van conversion accessories like thermoelectric coolers, 3-way portable fridges, hybrid coolers, and cool boxes with handy gas canister cradles. Browse our catalogue for a selection that matches your space, layout, and colour scheme, and don't forget to look up vents and grilles for your vehicle, as well as mains transformers and adaptors. With the right fridges, coolboxes, and high-quality camper van conversion accessories, your home on wheels turns into a gift that keeps on giving.

Camper Van Conversion Plumbing
Not to be outdone, our plumbing products would make a fine choice for your camper van conversion accessories. You'll find taps, filters, water heaters, containers and tanks, and water pumps at Leisureshopdirect. If you're thinking about decking your vehicle with sinks, showers, and toilets, you needn't look any further than our website. Of course, no DIY conversion would be complete without the right waste fittings, waste water carriers, dust caps, hoses, water supply fittings, water purifiers, jerry cans, and service doors. All these and more are available to buy on our website, from the most popular bath suites and all the way down to the filler caps.

Camper Van Conversion Windows and Rooflights
Van life wouldn't be the same without ample lighting, so make sure you stock up on rooflights, including drill-free rooflights and electric rooflights. Browse our catalogue for the right size sliding windows, thermal screens, blinds, vent fans, sun screens, fly screens, and room dividers. You'll find them all at Leisureshopdirect, along with essential camper van conversion accessories like mounting brackets, hinges, and lifters.

Camper Van Conversion Hobs and Cookers
While we're on the topic of van life, let's not forget all the cooking you can do on the road when you have a camper van of your own. For gourmands who like to wine and dine their loved ones in their home-from-home, we stock practical Dometic SMEV hobs and cookers. Stylish Thetford hobs and cookers, including Topline induction versions, hotplates, 2 to 4 burner hobs, and combi sink & hob versions are also available at Leisureshopdirect. And when space is at a premium, there are oven and grill combis and hob and sink combis with a narrow or curved outline to fit any recess.

Camper Van Conversion Furniture & Fittings
Lastly, Leisureshopdirect brings you vents, wall rails, folding table legs, hinge, support bars, fastening clips, catches and stays, base caps, and brackets. In other words, we've got everything you need for your DIY project, ready and able to deck your new holiday home on wheels. Order online today and enjoy the furniture, fittings, and fixtures that tick your list of creature comforts.

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