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“What’s a toilet tent useful for?” On the surface, this might seem like a daft question until you consider just how versatile and useful a piece of kit a camping toilet tent is on any camping or touring holiday. For those who need some additional storage space outside of their tent, a toilet tent in name can be transformed into a utility tardis, ideal for protecting your gear from the elements. Ideal for storing body boards and wetsuits that weren’t quite dry enough at the end of the day, for hanging drying towels and swimming costumes over night, for storing bits of luggage, welly boots…in fact anything that you can’t cram in the tent and don’t want to drive about with in the car, it’s not wonder these camping toilet tents are often called ‘Utility Tents’ and are some of the most useful camping and home-from-home tools and accessories you can acquire.

Camping Toilet Tent

For those of you looking for a shower tent, a camping toilet tent is ideal for providing a low-cost solution to campsite privacy.

For parents of young kids camping on a large campsite away from the loos can mean a fair few moonlit trips across dew-soaked grass to the campsite toilet block. Why can’t kids synchronise their need to wee, your tired brain cries as it is hoisted from the depths of sleep for the third time in one night. Many of you will be deciding to take matters into your own hands and provide a loo on your pitch and a camping toilet tent is a great way of reducing the risk of spills (Arrggh!) in your living quarters without having too far to walk… no one likes picking slugs from between their toes in the middle of the night, afterall… Whether you are in proud possession of a Thetford Porta Potti, a Kampa Portaflush or a similar camping loo, these light and easy-to-carry toilet tents can be erected in minutes and ensure that you won’t be caught short (sorry!) wherever you decide to pitch up.

Olpro Pop Up Utility Tent

Product Ref: 259775

-1.6m square toilet tent - Pops up and easy to put away - Lots of room for storage The OLPRO Pop up utility tent comes in a 80cm circular bag making it easy to transport. To erect the utility tent all you need to do it unzip the bag, pull out the compacted tent and it ...



£56.98 (inc VAT)   £79.99

Toilet Tent

Product Ref: 248110

The Royal Toilet Tent is a single folding frame tent with a sloping top to the rear. It has rot proof rubber pegging points.This Toilet Tent is very versatile as it could be used as a shower as well as a toilet and easy to erect.


£71.44 (inc VAT)   £82.37

Royal Nylon Toilet Tent

Product Ref: 219531

Spring framed nylon toilet tent. Base size:32 x 32 inches Comes with guylines pegs and bag.



Toilet tents available in double and single size. Fabulously useful for additional campsite storage, for providing an en-site shower cubicle, for beach-privacy and, of course, for providing a toilet closer to your tent than that toilet block way-over-there!

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