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Some of the most enjoyable moments in camping involve savoury victuals. But your snoozy breakfast, lazy brunches, and idyllic family dinners under starry skies all have one thing in common: the camping table. It's a modern-day version of a piece of furniture that dates back to antiquity. And just as it was back then, the table is indispensable, especially to a traveller. But unlike the bulky and cumbersome tables from days gone by, today's travellers are all set for supper with nothing more than your basic folding camping tables.

Impromptu meals away from home are fun at first. But they soon lose their appeal. It may not seem like an important purchase, but the table is a sure-fire way to elevate mealtime from a rushed lap tray nibble to an al fresco dining experience.

Every camper needs a sturdy, light, and compact table to prepare, store, and display morsels and tipples. Portable tables also enable you to entertain on the campsite, enjoying not just the slow life, but also the opportunity to socialize. And not even picnic purists can argue with the benefits of keeping food away from ants.

So, go on; browse our range of folding camper tables. At Leisureshopdirect, you'll find a variety of folding camping tables with all the space and features to suit your entire camping squad. From spacious picnic tables with matching benches to virtually weightless foldaways, you'll find a table here that caters to your needs - in every sense of the word.

Like many other camping accessories, the best folding camper tables serve a variety of purposes. Aside from the obvious benefit of showcasing and serving the food, these hard-wearing tables double-up as a work top, sometimes with built-in storage, enabling you to store cooking utensils, as well as crush, chop, and mix your ingredients.

And even after the meal, they can still be used for a late-night game of cards, cocktails under the stars, or reading by lantern light. These versatile bits of portable furniture are also usually rust-proof and easy to clean, which makes them ideal all-weather camping gear.

At Leisureshopdirect, we stock some of the best brands of today, including Brunner, Milenco, Outwell, Vango, and Via Mondo. By far our most popular models, and with good reason, are Outwell and Vango tables. The Vango Granite Duo 90 Table and its cousin, the Duo 120, are ideal for a growing family. With an aluminium frame and an easy-clean faux-granite surface, these car-friendly folding camping tables will seat the crowd while also folding down to a fraction of the size. Thanks to their adjustable feet, they also guarantee stability on an uneven pitch and they can also convert into coffee tables for the rest of the day.

Of course, for those who trust the brand and don't want to go through the trouble of finding matching chairs for their table, there's the Vango Granite 90 Bench Set. It has all the features of the Vango Granite table range, as well as a sleek carrycase design that incorporates the benches to save even more space.

Not to be outdone are the Outwell Nain Low Camping Table and the Outwell Kamloops Camping Table, two classics that carry a great deal of weight with our clients, literally. These spill and shower resistant multipurpose tables are so compact and versatile that we recommend them wherever space is at a premium. As for campers who prioritize convenience and value, the Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set with four waterproof chairs is the ideal mealtime gear.

Shop online at Leisureshopdirect today and enjoy these fantastic folding camper tables at equally impressive prices. Find the oval table, extendable table, folding table, coffee table, or dining set you need to experience camping cuisine in style and complete comfort.

Outwell Kamloops Camping Table
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Outwell Kamloops Camping Table

Product Ref: 270413

The Outwell Kamloops Camping Table is a hardwearing, smart and environmentally friendly table made from lightweight bamboo. Kamloops is ideal for campers who want a stylish package of modern design, comfort and durable materials. Outwell Kamloops Camping Table Features O...


 (2 reviews) (2 reviews)

£89.49 (inc VAT)   £109.99
Outwell Nain Low Camping Table
 (3 reviews) (3 reviews)

Outwell Nain Low Camping Table

Product Ref: 270416

The Outwell Nain Low Camping Table is a ligtweight small and low multipurpose table with a neat new table top design. It is easy to carry and opens and folds in seconds. Outwell Nain Low Camping Table Features Multipurpose low tableOpens and folds in secondsAluminium fra...


 (3 reviews) (3 reviews)

£12.49 (inc VAT)   £15.05
Vango Granite Duo 60 Table
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Vango Granite Duo 60 Table

Product Ref: 273173

The Granite Duo 60 is perfect for 2 people and provides great versatility, allowing you to use at either at dining table or coffee table height. With a highly durable table top and lightweight frame, the Granite tables are great for using indoors or outdoors at the campsite....



£23.99 (inc VAT)   £30.00
Vango Granite Duo 90 Table
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Vango Granite Duo 90 Table

Product Ref: 273174

Help yourself get organised in your home away from home, with the Vango Granite Duo 90 table. Sitting 4 people and offering two height variances for flexibility, the Granite Duo 90 is ideal for any family camping or caravanning trip. The legs of this table can be stored away...



£39.95 (inc VAT)   £50.00
Vango Granite Duo 120 Table
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Vango Granite Duo 120 Table

Product Ref: 273175

The larger table in the Vango Granite Duo range. The Granite Duo 120 has a large granite effect table top and can seat up to 6 people in comfort. Simply adjust the legs on the Granite to stand at coffee table or dining table height and alter the feet to ensure a stable surfa...



£39.95 (inc VAT)   £50.00

Vango Granite Duo 160 Camping Table

Product Ref: 273184

This fabulous table may just be for you if you have a big family or you always seem to be the one making dinner for friends! The largest of the Granite table range is the 160, providing a huge dining or coffee table space for up to 8 people on all of your family camping trip...



£64.77 (inc VAT)   £95.00
Outwell Calgary Camping Table - Large
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Outwell Calgary Camping Table - Large

Product Ref: 270414

The Outwell Calgary camping table is an elegant bamboo table - combination of natural beauty and modern design – your neighbour at the campsite will envy you. The portable table is compact and easy to carry yet very stable when opened. For picnic or camping the table fulfils...



£89.99 (inc VAT)   £119.99
Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set
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 (1 review) (1 review)

Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set

Product Ref: 270399

Get the family together with the Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set. Great for the garden or camping holidays, the waterproof plastic table and four chairs unfold in seconds. The built-in handle makes it easy to move when not in use. Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set Features W...


 (1 review) (1 review)

£97.95 (inc VAT)   £126.06

Outwell Heyfield Low Camping Table

Product Ref: 270415

The Outwell Heyfield Low Table is a ligtweight small and low multipurpose table with a neat new table top design. It is easy to carry and opens and folds in seconds. Outwell Heyfield Low Camping Table Features Opens and folds in secondsLightweight and easy to carrySmall ...



£14.99 (inc VAT)   £19.99

Vango Granite 90 Bench Set

Product Ref: 273187

The brand-new Granite Bench Set features our durable granite effect table top and aluminium frame to keep it light and strong. Easily alter the height of the set by adjusting the legs, allowing you to use at dining table height or smaller, making it extremely flexible for al...



£80.96 (inc VAT)   £115.00

Vango Granite Cypress 56 Camping Coffee Table or Bedside Table

Product Ref: 273186

Do you want to add just that bit more comfort and convenience to your home away from home?The Granite Cypress table is contemporary, yet stable and durable with an extremely resilient table top for all campsite uses. A lightweight frame and a compact size allows for simple t...



£14.40 (inc VAT)   £18.00

Vango Granite Duo 120 High

Product Ref: 273192 it a sideboard, games table, work area, coffee table or just a normal dining table you are after, the Vango Granite Duo 120 High is for you. Add a sense of solidity to your camping furniture with the Granite Duo 120 High, an extremely useful table which ca...



£33.75 (inc VAT)   £50.00

Vango Rowan 80 Steel Frame Table 2019

Product Ref: 273193

If you find you are limited for space when camping or in your awning, then the Vango Steel Frame Tables could be your answer! A great example is the Rowan 80 which has been updated for 2019. It has a modern, granite effect table top, which makes the Rowan very stylish as wel...



£24.93 (inc VAT)   £32.50

Vango Birch 80 Steel Frame Camping Table 2019

Product Ref: 273197

The Vango Birch 80 Camping table is a fantastic addition to any camping kit as it features a lightweight steel frame that can be easily folded flat, especially great when space is at a premium. It has a robust French oak table top for a more premium finish when dining at the...



£35.99 (inc VAT)   £45.99

Vango Aspen 100 Camping Table

Product Ref: 273205

The Vango Aspen is a lightweight, yet sturdy dining table perfect for weekend camping trips. Updated for 2019 with a durable granite effect table top to enhance resilience and give a modern stylish look. The Aspen is a robust and reliable addition to your camping essentials,...



£31.49 (inc VAT)   £40.00

Brunner Beta Table

Product Ref: 264816

Brunner Beta Table Brunner Beta Table Practical beach table with adjustable leg made of painted steel. The resistant MDF table top features reinforced and stabilising aluminium edges. Perfect for picnics, barbeques, bikers and RV drivers. Very compact and comes with carry ...



£16.99 (inc VAT)   

Reimo Butler 53x38cm Folding

Product Ref: 264817

Reimo Butler 53x38cm Folding Compact folding table. Can be used as either a side table or single table. With steel frame Outer Quantity of 4 Unfolded Size 53x38x64cm Folded Size 79x55x9cm Weight 2.3kg


£28.99 (inc VAT)   

Vango Orchard 86 Table and Chairs Set

Product Ref: 273206

If you want to be a little more sophisticated at meals time why not have a matching table and seats! The Vango Orchard Table & Chair Set gives great comfort and convenience, with style. This is an excellent camping addition for all family meals on the campsite. The Vango Orc...



£98.93 (inc VAT)   £120.00

Reimo Bali Space 120x70cm

Product Ref: 264826

Reimo Bali Space 120x70cm New table design made of aluminium for fast and easy set up. Lightweight, compact table comes with convenient carry bag. Outer Quantity of 1 Unfolded Size 120x70x70cm Folded Size 122x20x13cm Weight 5.4kg


£70.99 (inc VAT)   

Reimo Duo Classic 70x70cm

Product Ref: 264819

Reimo Duo Classic 70x70cm A space saving, easy to store aluminium roll up table with height adjustable feet. Outer quantity of 4. Unfolded Size 70x70x69cm Folded Size 72xØ15cm


£48.99 (inc VAT)   

Single 50 x 50cm Folding Table

Product Ref: 264820

Very Compact and lightweight folding table. Frame and table top made of alluminium. weatherproof. Outer qty 4 Outer quantity of 4. Unfolded Size 50x50x64cm Folded Size 75x50x6cm Weight 4.2kg


£32.99 (inc VAT)   

Twist folding aluminium table

Product Ref: 264821

Twist folding aluminium table Aluminium table with sturdy frame. Light and compact. Complete with carry bag. Open 51x50,5xH63 cm Closed 74x51x5 cm 2,4 kg


£44.99 (inc VAT)   

Twist XL folding aluminium table

Product Ref: 264824

Aluminium table with sturdy frame. Light and compact. Complete with carry bag. Open 75x75xH74 cm Closed 75x85x6 cm 4 kg


£49.38 (inc VAT)   £52.99

Vango Orchard XL 182 Table and Chair Set

Product Ref: 273208

Big family? Dinner at the Campsite always at yours? Like your table and chairs to match? Then the Vango Orchard XL 182 Table and Chairs Set may just be for you! It is ideal for large families or groups of friends enjoying meals or drinks at the campsite. Featuring a stylish...



£140.37 (inc VAT)   £170.00

Reimo Eddy 120x80cm Table

Product Ref: 264831

Reimo Eddy 120x80cm Table Lightweight and compact table for 4-6 people. With safety hinge. Outer Quantity of 1 Unfolded Size 120x80x67cm Folded Size 80x62x7cm Weight 6.3kg


£65.99 (inc VAT)   

Reimo Goliath 150x80cm Table

Product Ref: 264833

Reimo Goliath 150x80cm Table Spacious folding table ideal for a big family. With robust steel frame and aluminium edged table top that is easy to clean. Outer Quantity of 1 Unfolded Size 150x80x68cm Folded Size 80x75x10cm Weight 15.5kg


£90.99 (inc VAT)   


Product Ref: 259872

Camping table with aluminium legs and adjustable screw feet. • Grey • Aluminium legs • Adjustable screw feet • Max weight 30Kgs • Size 80x60x69cm


£19.82 (inc VAT)   £26.99

Catania 80x60cm Bamboo Table

Product Ref: 264838

Nice camping table with bamboo table top. Variable table height from 46.5 - 65cm due to height adjustable table legs. Open: 80 x 60 x 46.5-65cm Closed: 80 x 60 x 4.5cm Weight: 13kg


£100.99 (inc VAT)   

Catania Big 100x72cm Folding Bamboo Table

Product Ref: 264839

Nice camping table with bamboo table top. Table top folds in half for ease of storage. Adjustable feet on each leg for uneven ground. Open: 100 x 72 x 68.5cm Closed: 100 x 37 x 8.5cm Weight: 19.8kg


£150.99 (inc VAT)   

Club Table 180

Product Ref: 264835

All Club folding tables were specifically designed for the Outdoor use. Whether for a picnic, a camping holiday or as a supplementary table in the garden, the Club tables are perfect for any purpose and in any occasion. The high quality construction is elegant and robust. Av...



£80.99 (inc VAT)   

Tables, picnic tables and folding tables for many uses out doors or indoors.

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