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Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators: Flexible and efficient cooling

Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators, like everything else in the Dometic range of caravan products are of an excellent quality. Like the multi-compartmental Dometic coolboxes, which offer an excellent solution to small scale cooling problems, for example keeping your six pack of beer cold on a warm summer's day; Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators are a perfect solution for a specific problem. When it comes to food storage, there is nothing better than Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators.

Part of their appeal of Dometic Dual Energy Caravan Refrigerators is the fact that they can be powered from multiple sources – either gas and electricity or kerosene and electricity. Not only does this mean that Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators are flexible in terms of what caravans they can be fitted in, but also in how they are used once they are installed.

This makes Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators great for portable caravans, because wherever you end up there will be a way of keeping them switched on – and keeping the food within crisp and fresh.

Another reason that Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators are so popular as caravan fridges is because they are extremely efficient and can work under the most demanding of conditions. So when you're on the French Riviera at the height of summer, you can rest assured that your Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerator will be able to keep your Chablis at the right temperature.

Which are the best Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators?

Choosing the best model caravan fridge from the wide range of Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators can be challenging, but there are some considerations which will rule out some models. While cost is one, the most important is usually size. This should be the first thing to be investigated if Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators seem like the best option for you.

The Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators range encompasses everything from compact 70 litre fridges to a standard full-size refrigerator with a capacity of 224 litres.

At the bottom end of the scale is the 70 litre Dometic RGE100 Refridgerator. This is the smallest and simplest of the Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators range. It can be run on either gas or electricity, is completely rust proof and has adjustable wire grill shelves and two adjustable door racks. It sports and ergonomic door handle, a nifty control panel – with both gas and electric temperature controls – and a piezo electric igniter. Its compact size and fantastic value for money makes this one of the most popular of the Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators range.

Next up in the range is the Dometic RGE2000 Dual Energy Caravan Fridge, which has a 97 litre capacity. This model, which is the most popular in the Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators range, has three adjustable racks, a bottom rack with capacity for a number of two litre bottles and an adjustable door. This feature, which is common for Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators, means that caravanners can adjust which way the door opens, making the Dometic RGE2000 Dual Energy Fridge suitable for almost any situation.

Then there's the Dometic RGE300 Dual Energy Fridge, which is perfect for those with a little more space. While holding onto the exceptional efficiency of smaller models in the Dometic Dual Energy Refrigerators range, the RGE300 adds a number of innovative features that you would normally only expect in a household fridge – such as battery powered interior lighting, a temperature setting control panel and vegetable boxes.

And finally, there’s the granddaddy of them all, the Dometic RGE400 Dual Energy Fridge, which takes the total fridge-freezer capacity up to 224 litres – almost the size of a full domestic fridge. This model is for caravanners who have the space to enjoy the trappings of a fully-functioning household refrigerator.

Dometic RGE100 Refrigerator + Spare Parts

Dometic RGE100 Refrigerator + Spare Parts

Dometic RGE 100 Refridgerator. Operating on gas and electricity, this compact Dual Energy Refrigerator provides a total volume of 70 litres

Dometic RGE 100 Refridgerator. Operating on gas and electricity, this

Dometic RGE 2000 Dual Energy Fridge

Product Ref: 219777

Dometic RGE 2000 Fridge. 97 litre dual power cabinet fridge The quiet best-seller.


£1153.69 (inc VAT)   £1384.99

Control Panel complete - Black/Grey

Product Ref: 256040

Control Panel complete - Black/Grey. For RM5330 and 5310.


£81.75 (inc VAT)   £97.99

A Dual Energy Caravan Fridge from Dometic works on Gas and Electricity or Kerosene and Electricity – whatever is available. So that you have fresh food and cool beverages anywhere, anytime. Simply change to the Gas or Kerosene mode, the contents will stay as cool and fresh as ever. Regardless of how hot the temperature outside may be. Cool comfort anytime with the 2 in 1 refrigerators

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