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Make caravanning a breeze with Omnivent rooflights

Omnivent rooflights make caravanning a breeze - allowing you to fill your motorhome with plenty of fresh air and daylight, no matter what the weather.

One of the things that may have attracted you to caravan holidays in the first place is that at a moment's notice, you can pack up your bag and head to the coast, or even to the continent, knowing you have everything you need with you on the road.

However, one thing that may make your stay less comfortable than it could be is a lack of Omnivent rooflights. Indeed, you may even find yourself worrying when the sun shines as a lack of rooflights leaves you vehicle feeling stuffy.

It is vitally important for your enjoyment that a caravan is well ventilated and for this reason you should look through the range of Omnivent rooflights we offer at Leisureshopdirect.

Omnivent rooflights for you

Omnivent rooflights have been completely re-designed so they are now even more effective than before.

Easy to install without any need for drilling, Omnivent rooflights at Leisureshopdirect feature a renewed inner and curtain frame, flyscreen and roller blind, along with an aerodynamic-shaped dome, while a free air flow is provided by a built-in ventilation area of 100 square centimetres.

Omnivent rooflights are available to you with or without a 12v fan, while you also have the choice of three dome shapes.

When you visit Leisure Direct to select Omnivent rooflights, you will find there is plenty to choose from.

The Omni-Vent 12V Fan + Clear Blind is likely to draw your eye if you are looking for Omnivent rooflights that are a user-friendly model and is available within all budgets., while still being UV-resistant. In addition, the product has 6 speeds for both extracting and intake by pushing an easy to use switch. It is available in an aperture size of 400 x 400mm and suits a roof thickness of 25 to 60mm.

Meanwhile, for the best guarantee against water ingress, choose the Omni-Vent Rooflight - Translucent. Easy to open, with a convenient roller and flyscreen as standard, this model of Omnivent rooflights could perfectly meet your needs.

If you are looking to ensure your trip is cool and breezy, choose from Omnivent rooflights such as the Omni-Vent 2009 Model Transparent 12v Fan + Blind. The fan has a choice of six speeds for both air extraction and intake, meaning your journey will be far from stuffy with these water-tight Omnivent rooflights, which can also be fitted without drills by mounting them on special clamps.

Refit your old Omnivent rooflights

If your caravan already has Omnivent rooflights but you don't want to miss out on all the latest features, then Leisure Direct's retrofit products are likely to be for you.

The Retrofit Transparent Dome with lock is the perfect choice for security-conscious motorhome owners. The dome on the white or transparent Omnivent rooflights can simply be replaced with a new transparent dome without having to change the inner and outer frame.

With all this and so much more to choose from when you visit Leisure Direct looking for Omnivent rooflights, you may be glad to know that we also stock all manner of spare parts for Omnivent rooflights, meaning that in the event you require one, we can deliver what you need and have you back on the road in next to no time.

So, make sure that your next caravan experience is really a breeze by choosing Omnivent rooflights from Leisureshopdirect today.

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The roof light that is installed without drilling! The Thule/Omni-Vent has been completely re-designed. The inner and curtain frame, as well as the flyscreen and roller blind have been renewed. The dome has an aerodynamic shape. The Omni-Vent is available either with or without 12V fan. There are three versions of domes.A free air flow is provided by a built in ventilation area of 100cm2.

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