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Clean camping during Covid

Clean hands, stay safe

Clean camping during covid 19 – 9 tips to keep you safe. The camping sites have re-opened! Huzzah! But how do you keep yourself safe while enjoying your favourite leisure activity? In this time of uncertainty, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsafe. Let us help you get back to what you love.


Best Sleeping bags UK

The best sleeping bags in the UK - Everything You Need to Know About Sleeping Bags

There's nothing worse than a bad sleeping bag. Picture this: you make the long drive to your destination and you spend far longer than you should pitching your new tent. After this, the only thing you want is a good night's sleep to prepare you for the fun and adventures you're going to be having on your holiday.

12 tips to keep you busy during the lock-down for your caravan or motorhome

We all hope you are well and staying safe. As you are staying at home for the foreseeable future, with your caravan or motorhome parked on your driveway, we thought we would give you top DIY tips. Get your beloved home-away-from-home ready for freedom!


The best camping tables of 2020

Best camping tables for 2020

Are you combatting the January and Feburary blues by dreaming of the forth coming season’s adventures in your beloved home away from home? Well, we avid caravan and motorhomes owners here at Leisureshopdirect definitely advise it, since it certainly helps take the edge of the current dank, rainy weather! So, continuing the theme of last week’s blog of optimum comfort and practicality focussing on


The new Avtex Connected Range of TVs

The Avtex Connected Series TVs are new for 2020

With the all new 12V Smart Avtex Wi-Fi enabled Connected TV series you can watch TV via your aerial or a satellite dish without the need for extra equipment and you can also connect your TV to the internet to access a whole new world of extra entertainment. Leisureshopdirect sells 4 different sized Avtex Connected TVs, which are elegntly slim and jam-packed with technical devices!

The best camping chairs in 2020

We thought we would take the time to review some of the best camping chairs that are available for this season. Here at Leisureshopdirect we sell a great selection of camping chairs, that you can browse through, and will suit all your adventurous needs and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Everyone can be comfy on the campsite!!


Choosing the Best Motorhome TV

Choosing the Best Motorhome TV

Let's face it, many of our most relaxing moments are spent not in the open air, but in front of the motorhome tv. So we all want the best TV on the market for our RV. But what makes a TV 'the best' one out there? Is it the size, the weight, the display, the power, the software features, or all of the above? Come to think of it, why not just bring your favourite TV from home?


Caravan Tips

Frequently asked questions to help you tour smoothly!

We are very proud that Leisureshopdirect is run by a loyal crew of ardent caravanners and motorhome owners who love their own adventures in their home away from home, but are also committed to helping all our customers quests to explore the UK and further afield. With over 140 years of collective caravan and motorhome experience, we are all ready to hand out helpful motorhome and caravan tips.


How to get the best Camper TV

How to get the best Camper TV viewing!

How to get the best TV on Tour! The main reasons we all love adventuring away in our home away from home has got to be getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We all love our creature comforts and surely for most that will include relaxing and watching a film or your favourite TV programme. So let's look at the different options and gadgets to get you the best Camper TV.


Eco Camping Equipment

Eco Camping

A 10 step guide to caring for the environment on the campsite. With all the environmental reports and information, we are all becoming far more conscious of our environment. We have a duty to help the planet, and that is at the forefront of many minds.