Leisureshopdirect Loyalty Card

Here at Leisureshopdirect we wanted to reward our thousands of returning and loyal customers. It is completely free and there is no annual fee. You are automatically enrolled when you create an account and you can earn points in a variety of ways (see below). At any stage, the points you have earnt can instantly be converted into a money-off coupon which can then be used against your next order. The more times you order with us the more points you will earn per order.

Leisureshopdirect Gold Loyalty Card
Leisureshopdirect Silver Loyalty Card
Leisureshopdirect Bronze Loyalty Card

How does it work?

Each order, review or referral you carry out, we will give you loyalty points. At any time you can then convert these points into a coupon to use against your next order.

You can earn loyalty points in a number of ways and each point is worth 0.1p (1000 = £1). Please see below for details of each.

Earn on Orders

You are automatically enrolled as either a gold, silver or bronze member.

  • GOLD CARD: 5 orders in the last 60 days - 3% cashback on the value of products on any orders placed
  • SILVER CARD: 3 orders in the last 60 days - 2% cashback on the value of products on any orders placed
  • BRONZE CARD: 2 order in the last 60 days - 1% cashback on the value of products on any orders placed

For example if you are enrolled as a Gold Member, and you spend £50 on products you will earn 1,500 points (worth £1.50).

  • The order count includes the order you are currently processing. For example, if you were putting through an order and you had already placed 4 orders in the last 90 days then you will qualify for the Gold Member discount.
  • The loyalty points are ONLY awarded against the price of the products and not any shipping costs.
  • If an order is cancelled or refunded, it is not counted.
  • A maximum of £75 (75000 points) will be awarded per order.
  • If you use a coupon on an order then you will not receive points against the value of the coupon. For example if your order total value was £100 but you used a £10 coupon against the order, you would only receive loyalty points against the £90.

Refer a friend - You get 2,500 loyalty points and they will get £2.50 off their first order!

If you refer a friend and they make an order with us then we will give you 2,500 loyalty points! (equivalent to £2.50).

Your friend will also get £2.50 off their first order!

Review a Product - Get upto 500 free loyalty points

We value your opinion on the products we sell. It helps other customers to choose which products to order. Therefore, every time you review a product you will earn 100 points. As an added incentive, if your review is over 100 words you will earn a further 400 points (500 in total).

* Please note, this scheme is not available to our trade customers. For full details please see our Terms & Conditions.