Dometic Cramer Sinks Spares


Spare Parts for Dometic Cramer Sinks

Sinks manufactured by Cramer and distributed by Dometic. These sinks are still available and most spare parts are available at Leisureshopdirect. Cramer sinks suitable for all installation conditions: round or square, and in various dimensions, also with drainer. Integrated glass lid. Find all spare parts available by going through the easy procedure to find the exact appliance you have and be able to source the absolute correct spare part for your cramer sink.

Cleaning and Washing in you Caravan or Motorhome

Cook your favourite gourmet meals in your mobile home, knowing that you will be able to wash up and clean your caravan in the cramer sink. You do not want to waste your holiday collecting water and cleaning in a bucket - repair the unit you have in your caravan and save money repairing your appliances rather than buying a new sink. Keep your caravan or motorhome spick and span clean easily with the hot water from the tap on your cramer sink. The design and tecnology of Cramer sinks add to the comfortable and homely feeling of your mobile home. Bring with you the comforts of your home to your mobile home caravan.

Sinks were available in various sizes, with or without lids and with or without drainers. See the parts available for the
Cramer sink with drainer and glass lid or if you need parts for a square sink Cramer Sink with Glass Lid.

Buy all spare parts required for your Dometic Cramer Sink

If you have any problems with your cramer sink leisureshopdirect will be able to help you repair the appiance. You will find all spare parts available for your Dometic Cramer sink. Find out the product number and you will find an exploded diagram (schematic) which will help you to source the correct spare part fopr your appliance.

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Dometic Spare Part
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Dometic Spare Part

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Dometic Spare Part
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