Caravan Stabiliser

Enjoy a smooth and pleasant break with a caravan stabiliser

At Leisureshopdirect we pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of items guaranteed to make your touring holiday more pleasant, more comfortable and more stress-free: we love an easy life! And we know that when caravanners head out on the open road, you'll want to ensure you reach your destination smoothly - fitting a caravan stabiliser can help you achieve this.

One of the biggest draws of caravanning breaks is the ability to pack up your suitcase and set out on a voyage of discovery at a moment's notice, even if it is for a short break. But however far you plan to travel, investing in a caravan stabiliser can help make sure that you do so safely and comfortably - they are not legal requirements, of course, like some other aspects of towing products and accessories, but they go a long way to dampening the movement around the towball of your hitch, making for a smoother and far more comfortable ride!

Investing in a good quality caravan stabiliser

A quality caravan stabiliser is a must-have for motorhome owners who plan to regularly use their mobile accommodation in order to explore more of what this country, and indeed the world, has to offer. Even with a well matched, well loaded outfit a stabiliser can offer some extra stability which can make all the difference should push comes to shove and when towing gets a bit hairy. Of course there are other important safety checks and measures you should take before towing, which should be undertaken anyway, whether or not you choose to use a stabiliser, like checking tyre pressure in your caravan and tow car, ensuring that your noseweight is lower than the limit and by planning plenty of time for your journey so that you can afford to keep your speed below 60mph and steady. However, when you are on the motorway, with coaches and lorries hurtling past and speeds which threaten to suck you into their path (!), a good qualty stabilier can make that extra difference in providing rock-solid stability.

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Caravan Stabilisers
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Caravan Stabilisers

When you head out on the open road in your motorhome, you'll want to e...