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Dometic PowerPump

Dometic PowerPump pressurised water pumps- they are self-priming, ener

Dometic PowerPump pressurised water pumps- they are self-priming, energy saving and can run dry without damage. Vibration absorbing mounts make for low-noise operaton. Each pump set includes a strainer and three 1/2" (12.5mm) hose connectors .


Dometic Power Pump Designed specifically for use in caravans, motorhomes and boats, the Dometic Power Pump excels with durability, pragmatic features and unobtrusive, quiet operations.

Incredibly efficient, the Dometic Power Pump makes economical use of energy, can run dry without damage and also features vibration absorbing mounts. Doing just as the name implies, these water pumps provide consistent powerful performance, and thanks to their impressive four-chamber diaphragm design is ensured for maintenance free operations during its entire service lifespan.

Self priming with an integrated pressure switch, the Dometic Power Pump is therefore suitable for placement above the water tank, and with its patented click system, the pump strainer and three different half inch hose connectors supplied are fast and simple to install.

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