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Caravan Hitch Lock

Prevent hitching and towing away of your caravan or trailer with a quality caravan hitch lock. Hitch Locks are available with sold secure accreditation for total security and insurance approval. Caravan Hitch locks are a great deterrent to the opportunist thief as they prevent caravans from being quickly coupled up and towed away. At Leisureshopdirect we stock a range of competitvely priced and reliable caravan hitch locks. Only products which envelop the hitch-head and completely cover the securing bolts are considered to meet the highest standard.

Choose a Bulldog Caravan Hitch Lock

Bulldog Security Products Limited is a well established manufacturer of quality security products. Bulldog's products are regularly submitted for independent test house scrutiny and inspection by the technical departments of insurance companies, motoring organisations and other authorities. Bulldog Hitch Locks are available for different vehicles. The Bulldog BB Hitchlock is suitable for suitable for B&B and Peck hitch heads and the Bulldog Heavy duty hitchlock for Bradley and Avonride. The Bulldog Mini Hitch Lock WW100 plus the Bulldog Hitchlock AJ10 are also available.

Choose an SAS Caravan Hitch Lock

SAS offer High Security Hitchlocks for your caravan. The SAS Hitchlock is easy to use and ideal for touring. The SAS Fortress 2 Gold fits AKS and Al-ko stabaliser hitches.

Choose a Milenco Caravan Hitch Lock

As the proud owner of a caravan you also need to do all you can to protect your valuable investment. And that's where Milenco comes in. Our security products have consistently out-performed all others. Virtually every security product tested by Practical Caravan magazine has been awarded a Best Buy commendation. A very high quality product made by Milenco in England, Milenco caravan hitch locks are recommended by Practical Caravan magazine. Being fitted on top of the unit, makes this lock easy to use but unlike other locks this positioning does not result in corrosion. The lock is highly drill-resistant and easily withstood the five-minute attack. The Milenco Heavy Duty 3004 hitchlock has been engineered and designed to be the strongest hitchlock ever made for the Alko range of hitches. Milenco lightweight hitchlockis simple to fit: two parts clamp onto the hitch head. ALKO/ALBE.

Alko Overrun Damper

Product Ref: 259832

This damper is 530mm long to the end of the thread. The thread is 40mm long.


£51.38 (inc VAT)   £61.99

Bulldog DMAKS Minilock for AKS2000

Product Ref: 216903

Bulldog DMAKS Minilock. Finished in durable black powder coating and comes complete with red plastic cover and Bulldog´s Super Lock Bolt. Versatile protection can be used hitched, un-hitched or with one of Bulldog´s Lock Posts. "Practical Caravan's Guide to Security" said...



£97.59 (inc VAT)   £121.92
Bulldog Caravan Hitch Lock AJ10 for AKS 1300, 2004 and 3004
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Bulldog Caravan Hitch Lock AJ10 for AKS 1300, 2004 and 3004

Product Ref: 234961

Caravan Hitch Lock AJ10 for AKS 1300, 2004 and 3004 Just two parts plus safety ball. Simple to fit. Can be fitted when car and caravan are hitched but not when travelling.

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£75.34 (inc VAT)   £85.07

Bulldog Minilock LT

Product Ref: 231851

Bulldog Minilock LT to fit Light Trailer, Jet Ski Trailers, Conway Trailers etc. Suitable for Alko and Albe hitch heads. Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a bulldog lock post. Ideal for touring as it is compact and easily stored. Supplied with hig...



£123.09 (inc VAT)   £141.95

SAS Fortress 2 Gold

Product Ref: 236167

Fits AKS 1300, 2004 and 3004 Al-ko stabaliser hitches. Fully encloses hitchhead and bolts. Can be fitted quickly when stopping at a service station or car park when caravan is coupled to the car. Comes with aluminium carry case. Insurance and SOLD SECURE approved.


£87.98 (inc VAT)   £93.87
SAS Compact Condor Caravan Hitch Lock
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SAS Compact Condor Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 228131

SAS Compact Condor Caravan Hitch Lock. Fits Knott, Albe and Winterhoff tow hitches plus WS3000 and SSK 1/11/111 stabilisers. fits hitched and unhitched. Plastic carry case.

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£63.46 (inc VAT)   £73.47

Minilock for Alko AKS1300, 2004 & 3004

Product Ref: 234849

Minilock for Al-ko stabaliser hitches AKS1300, AKS2004 and AKS3004


£93.26 (inc VAT)   £107.83

Towball Coupling Lock

Product Ref: 225571

Grayston caravan and trailer anti-theft coupling lock.


£20.07 (inc VAT)   £23.99
ALKO 2004 / 3004 Hitch Cover Deluxe -Black
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ALKO 2004 / 3004 Hitch Cover Deluxe -Black

Product Ref: 249791

•Genuine AlKo Kober part •AlKo hitch cover to compliment your Al-ko 2004 or 3004 stabiliser.

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£35.99 (inc VAT)   £43.99

Universal Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 249763

A versatile caravan hitch lock. Universal hitch lock fits the majority of hitches including Al-ko, Albe, Bradley, B&B and Grau. Comes complete with padlock. Ideal for caravans, trailers, horsebox etc


£19.83 (inc VAT)   £21.76

Stronghold Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 220222

This hitch lock fits Alko, Albe Winterhoff, Harrison and most other open handled hitch types. Ideal for caravans and trailers with pressed steel couplings. High security lock with anti-drill feature and anti prising lip. Plastic storage box included.


£41.98 (inc VAT)   £49.99
Alko Universal Hitchlock
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Alko Universal Hitchlock

Product Ref: 205454

Universal hitchlock fits the majority of hitches including Al-ko, Albe, Bradley, Band B and Harrison Grau. Comes with padlock. Does not fit the Alko Stabaliser hitches •Al-Ko universal tow ball coupling lock with integrated keyed safety lock (no padlock needed) - grea...


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£30.26 (inc VAT)   £40.99

Recessed Cup for Bulldog hitchlocks

Product Ref: 250127

Recessed Cup for Bulldog hitchlocks. Cup that attaches to the lock bolt. Recessed cup for use with SA1 and SA1C Bulldog lock bolt.


£8.89 (inc VAT)   £10.22
Hitch Cover Burgundy - Extra large
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Hitch Cover Burgundy - Extra large

Product Ref: 256624

Hitch cover that will cover all of the 'A' frame. Colour burgundy.

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£7.21 (inc VAT)   £9.99
Universal Trailer Hitch Lock
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Universal Trailer Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 239126

Security hitch lock suitable for most 50mm pressed steel and cast couplings. 12MM CASE HARDEN STEEL BAR Quick and easy fitment Supplied with 2 keys.

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£13.73 (inc VAT)   £17.85

The Stronghold Caravan Leg Lock

Product Ref: 255978

The Stronghold Caravan Leg Lock •Fits Caravan or trailer Corner Steady •Locks corner steady in down position to immobilise caravan. •Easy to fit. •High security locking system. •Robust steel construction. •Water and corrosion proof •Supplied with Allen key and hexag...



£19.47 (inc VAT)   £22.99
Alko AKS 2004/3004 Security Device
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Alko AKS 2004/3004 Security Device

Product Ref: 223799

The AL-KO Security is designed to fit the 2004/ 3004 Stabiliser. It is made of high grade special steel, with a red powder coat finish to provide a robust and attractive design. The AL-KO Security Device covers the coupling handle. This prevents the coupling handle being ...


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£123.39 (inc VAT)   £165.99

Alko AKS 2004/3004 Premium Security Device

Product Ref: 268667

The Premium AKS3004 Security Device from AL-KO has a robust construction to prevent attemkpted theft. It safeguards agaisnt unauthorised coupling & uncoupling and also prevents theft of the coupling head. It can remain in place during towing and is GOLD SOLD SECURE Approved.


£137.32 (inc VAT)   £183.99

Milenco Caravan Leg Nut lock

Product Ref: 269200

Why not give your caravan or trailer extra security with a set of Milenco Corner Steady Locks. The Corner Steady Lock is of a robust design that offers complete security and is simple to fit. Every piece of security equipment used on your caravan helps protect your prized...



£23.08 (inc VAT)   £30.99

Milenco Heavy Duty WS3000 Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 239133

Fits Winterhoff WS3000 hitch head stabilisers. This caravan hitch lock has been engineered and designed to be the strongest hitch lock ever made for the Winterhoff WS3000 hitches. Made from super heavy duty 4mm steel combined with the strongest lock ever used in a hitchl...



£75.98 (inc VAT)   £101.99

Milenco Heavy Duty 3004 Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 239132

This Milenco heavy duty caravan hitch lock fits AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 stabilisers and hitches These Hitchlocks have been engineered and designed to be the strongest Hitchlocks ever made. Super Heavy Duty 4mm steel combined with the strongest lock ...



£75.91 (inc VAT)   £101.99
Maypole Stronghold 5412 Alko Caravan Hitch Lock
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Maypole Stronghold 5412 Alko Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 273204

Easy to fit, sold secure hitchlock that is fitted in under 10 seconds! This insurance approved Sold Secure hitchlock suits Al-Ko stabiliser hitches including the new AKS3004 and can be fitted hitched or unhitched. Finished in a theft-deterrent high-visibility yellow, the loc...



£62.99 (inc VAT)   £79.99

Maypole Security Alko Hitchlock

Product Ref: 273834

The Maypole MP956 security hitchlock is designed so that this hitch lock can be fitted with the caravan/trailer hitched to a towing vehicle or unhitched as required. It is designed for Alko hitches. Maypole Security Alko Hitchlock Features For Alko hitches: AK130, AK160...



£44.99 (inc VAT)   £55.99

Stronghold hitchlock for avonride hitches

Product Ref: 273894

Stronghold hitchlock for avonride hitches fits most 50mm Avonride cast heads from 1400Kg - 3500Kg including: 575003, 575004, 575005, 575008. Stronghold Avonride hitch lock, fits the Avonride hitches. Approved to Sold Secure Gold for caravans and trailers. Allows use of ...



£76.99 (inc VAT)   £97.99

Bulldog BB Caravan Hitch Lock

Product Ref: 216888

This Bulldog BB caravan hitch lock is suitable for B&B and Peak hitch heads with 48mm shaft. Heavy duty. Totally encloses hitch head and fixings when fitted. Complete with highly visible red plastic cover. Black powder coated finish. High security drill and pick resistant lo...




Find a Caravan Hitch Lock for your 'van. We stock SAS, Bulldog Milenco and universal hitch locks.

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