Camping air beds


Camping Air Beds

Gone are the days when anyone needs to be uncomfortable camping. Remember those rolls of limp foam that opened out like over-sized egg boxes? Those measly roll-mats that offered such scant protection against the earth’s lumps and bumps? Well, unless self-sacrifice is a personal mantra, or you are backpack camping in the most out-of-reach places, there are now oodles of options for a decent night’s kip whilst under canvas… thank goodness!

And there really is no need to break the bank in achieving this good night’s sleep, either. At Leisureshopdirect we stock a wide range of both single and double flock camping air beds, ideal for raising you a comfortable distance off cold and lumpy ground. Of course, there are some more luxury, high-end options for those who require double-thickness queen size camping air beds to lure them away from bricks and mortar and we stock those too - Princess and the pea, eat your heart out!

Electric Pump for Airbed

Hang on, we hear you cry…those camping air beds require pumps! Well, we stock those too. On these pages you will find hand-pumps with a variety of fittings to fit most camping air bed nozzles. Those who don’t even fancy the level of elbow grease required to hand-pump the air beds will appreciate the electric pumps we stock… choose an electric pump for air bed comfort and ease, one that either connects directing to the mains electric or one that runs from a rechargeable battery pack. Aha! Ease can be had even without electric hookup!

But what if your air bed requires repairs? What if small hands meddle with and lose the nozzle-thingy that stops it from deflating? Fear not – because Leisureshopdirect believes in supplying Caravan Parts as much as we do in supplying entirely new whole units, in customers being able to replace small missing parts and repair the repairable rather than throwing away and having to start from scratch, we also stock the wherewithal to give your loved camping air bed a new lease of life.

Outwell Self-inflating Dreamcatcher Mat (Single 7.5 cm)

Product Ref: 270372

The Outwell Dreamcatcher Single Mat 7.5cm features a contemporary design that meets your family camping and caravanning needs, in a stylish blue colour. The Outwell self-inflating mats drive standards even higher by delivering stunning innovative features that enhance top d...



£49.97 (inc VAT)   £59.99
Outwell Self-inflating Dreamcatcher Mat (Double 10.0 cm)
 (1 review) (1 review)

Outwell Self-inflating Dreamcatcher Mat (Double 10.0 cm)

Product Ref: 270373

The Outwell self inflating mattress with a full 10cm depth, for added comfort and protection from the ground, guaranteeing you a good night's sleep. The new valve on the mattress means it will inflate far quicker than its predecessors, and also allows for an easier deflation...


 (1 review) (1 review)

£109.99 (inc VAT)   £139.99

Outwell Flock Classic Double Air Bed (Black)

Product Ref: 270375

The Outwell Flock Classic Double is a popular all-black flock made using quality, hardwearing PVC and a soft velour surface upon which to sleep. The doubleseal valve provides easy inflation and deflation. This is a great bed where comfort and support are key to a restful nig...



£15.75 (inc VAT)   £21.99

Outwell Flock Classic Single Air Bed (Black)

Product Ref: 270376

The Outwell Flock Classic Single is a popular all-black flock made using quality, hardwearing PVC and a soft velour surface upon which to sleep. The doubleseal valve provides easy inflation and deflation. This is a great bed where comfort and support are key to a restful nig...



£10.99 (inc VAT)   £15.99

Outwell Flock Superior Double Air bed with built-in pump

Product Ref: 270374

The 3-layer Outwell Flock Superior Double features a built-in pump for convenience; the pump comes with a plug for power. The Flock design allows campers to sleep well clear of the ground and Flock Superior takes that height up to 45cm not only offering outstanding insulatio...



£69.99 (inc VAT)   £79.99

Milestone Self Inflating Camping Bed

Product Ref: 269823

Self Inflating Camping Bed - Orange. - Easy to inflate and deflate - 2 x compression straps - 2-way air valve for inflation / deflation - Lightweight polyester material - Size: L183 x W50 x H2.5cm


£16.62 (inc VAT)   £25.99

Royal Flock Airbed with Pump - Single

Product Ref: 231264

Single flock airbed with built in manual pump. This is perfect for camping, kids sleeping in the caravan or motorhome awning or even using at home when guests stay. It is a great price for an airbed from a proven brand which even includes a manual pump! Dimensions 183 ...



£16.99 (inc VAT)   £17.99

Royal Speedpump - 240 volt

Product Ref: 205268

Mains only (240V) speedpump. Supplied with UK plug, inflates and deflates. comes with nozzle adaptors to fit most airbeds.


£14.73 (inc VAT)   £15.81

Royal Double Action Stirrup Air Pump

Product Ref: 205271

Double action pump. Delivers air on up and down stroke, inflates and deflates. Robust plastic construction.


£8.95 (inc VAT)   £12.55
Bravo 6 Stirrup Pump
 (1 review) (1 review)

Bravo 6 Stirrup Pump

Product Ref: 211856

The Bravo 6 is an Italian manufactured high pressure stirrup pump. Double action pump for inflating fenders and inflatable dinghies.

 (1 review) (1 review)

£19.50 (inc VAT)   £26.99

Camping Gaz Rechargeable quickpump

Product Ref: 236903

2 seperate functions: Inflates and deflates. Charger 230 vac and 12 vdc included.Hose included. Running time: 20 mins or more (fully charged) Air flow: 620 L/min Carry bag included Weight 1.7kg


£21.08 (inc VAT)   £21.45

Vango DC Pump

Product Ref: 273333

This compact electric pump can be connected to the adapter in your car to make inflation and deflation at the campsite quick and effortless. Ideal for outdoor camping and home use. Perfect for easy inflation of the Vango Inflatable Sofa and other Vango inflatable chairs, su...



£11.00 (inc VAT)   £15.00


Product Ref: 211859

The double chamber allows you to inflate fenders and inflatable boats to their recommended pressure with very little effort. The visual pressure indicator helps prevent over inflation. Nylon reinforced fibreglass. The Bravo 10 is a double chamber pump similar to the Bravo...



£32.19 (inc VAT)   £55.00

Vango Air Pump (Double Action)

Product Ref: 274879

The Vango Double Action AirPump will inflate and deflate tents, awnings, airbeds, furniture and any other inflatables with ease. This pump features a tall design, making it even easier to inflate all of your air essentials. Vango Air Pump (Double Action) Features Alloy s...



£15.99 (inc VAT)   £22.00
Vango Shangri-La 10 Double Sleeping Mat
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Vango Shangri-La 10 Double Sleeping Mat

Product Ref: 274935

The Shangri-La, as the name suggests, is the pinnacle of Vango's self inflating mat collection.Designed to provide all the comfort of your bed at home with the convenience of a small pack size. In about 30 seconds the Shangri-La will be ready to use. If you prefer a firmer f...



£149.00 (inc VAT)   £225.00

Airbeds in single and double with pumps and repair kits.

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