Patio Heaters and Camping Heaters


Why buy a patio heater?

Raising the temperature by at least 10 degrees, patio heaters extend the outdoor season, adding a few more hours to the day when we can enjoy being outside. Providing reliable heat and warmth, you'll be able to relax or work in the garden for longer each day, and enjoy the freedom of extending day-time parties and events in to the evening, even if the weather isn't perfect.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Provide the most power. Ideal for providing continuous heat to large areas such as patios or decks.

Gas patio heaters feature variable heat output. Patio heaters should only be on full power during the first few minutes of use. After this, use half the power setting, as this will give the best result.

Be careful not to position patio heaters too close to garden furniture or structures.

Tabletop Patio Heaters

A great flexible option, allowing you to increase heat where it's needed most.

Perfect for dining alfresco. When placed in the centre of the table, a table-top patio heater will provide ample warmth for everyone around the table.

Using your patio heater safely.

- Patio heaters are for outdoor use only, and should not be used with conventional awnings or gazebos, especially those made of plastic.
- When the heater is not in use, protect with a cover (available from Homebase) and store in a sheltered area, protected from the wind as heaters can be blown over in high winds.
- Do not move a patio heater when it is alight and ensure that it is stable before use.
- Supervise children and pets at all times when the heater is in use.
- Do not use in high winds, this may cause the heater to blow over.
- An annual service by a qualified gas technician is recommended.
- Check the condition of the flexible hose connecting the regulator to the patio heater inlet every time the cylinder is replaced. A hose should be replaced every few years.
- Do not use your patio heater if a persistent gas smell is present, and ensure that the cause of the leak is investigated and repaired by a qualified engineer.
- Keep your heater clean by washing the structure with a damp cloth and use a wire brush to clean the burner mesh.

Halogen Effect Portable Heater

Product Ref: 228224

NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL AUGUST 2018 Halogen Effect Portable Heater 2 heat settings: 400w or 800w with twin Quartz Tubes for instant heat. Folds flat and has an automatic switch off is heater should fall over. Lightweight: 970g. Width: 330mm. Height: 360mm. Length 330mm


£11.24 (inc VAT)   £13.90

Pilot assembly for Provence fires

Product Ref: 241947

Pilot assembly complete with igniter electrode and thermocouple. Please check data plate information before ordering to confirm correct door. *Please note 4 weeks lead time when out of stock here.


£37.20 (inc VAT)   £40.00

Royal Flame Patio Heater

Product Ref: 249964

This modern, stylish patio heater is the market leader in domestic and commercial outdoor heating, giving the perfect feel to any garden all year round. Designed to give ambience as well as heat, The Flame Heater is the perfect accessory for any garden or patio. Stainless st...



£332.15 (inc VAT)   £399.99

Keep warm on those cool nights with a Patio Heater!

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