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Fiamma Rooflight Vent - Turbo-Vent - Premium Crystal

£296.58 (inc VAT) 355.99
BRAND : Fiamma
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A 28cm x 28cm Fiamma roof vent recommended for small rooms such as bathrooms, showers, or kitchens in motorhomes, caravans, van conversions and campervans.

Discreet in design, this slim framed vent provides permanent ventilation and lets in as much light as possible through its transparent cover. It is supplied with an integrated aluminium mosquito net that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the ‘sandwich’ mounting system, this model can be installed without having to drill any additional holes in the roof of the vehicle.

The vent's aerodynamic design means it does not need to be fitted with a spoiler, and noise and vibrations are greatly reduced.

A motorised fan can be added to this rooflight, see Fiamma Turbo-Vent 28 F Kit, product code 26915.

The Fiamma Turbo Vent Premium is a 12V DC motorised roof vent with simple finger touch operation and an electronic interface with signal LEDs.

Suitable for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions, this 40 x 40cm model is fitted with an aluminium mosquito net and has a transparent 'crystal' cover letting in as much light as possible.

The aerodynamic design means the vent does not need to be fitted with a spoiler and noise and vibrations are greatly reduced.

A patented rubber seal and high-quality UV resistant materials guarantee a watertight system whilst protecting the vent and vehicle against the elements.

This model is interchangeable with older 40 x 40cm Fiamma roof vent models and with vents from 36 x 36cm to 42 x 42cm, thanks to its reinforced frame.

Fiamma Rooflight Vent - Turbo-Vent - 28 F Kit-This 12V vent kit can be added to the Fiamma Rooflight Vent 28 to enhance ventilation throughout the vehicle.

  • Cover: Transparent 'crystal'/White
  • Power consumption: 36W
  • Minimum absorption: 0.3A
  • Maximum input: 3A
  • Maximum air flow: 35 m³/min

Fiamma Rooflight Vent Features

  • Aerodynamic shape means that a spoiler is not required
  • Quick installation without the need to cut more holes in vehicle roof
  • Permanent ventilation for constant exchange of air
  • Simple opening system with handwheel
  • Removable aluminium mosquito net
  • Can be motorised with Fiamma Turbo-Vent 28 F Kit

Fiamma Rooflight Turbo-Vent Features

  • Polar Control thermostat
  • Touch control unit with LEDs
  • Variable fan speed
  • Aerodynamic shape means that a spoiler is not required
  • Fitted with aluminium mosquito net
  • Allows constant air circulation
  • ABE approved


  • Brand Fiamma
  • Type Roof Vent/Powered Roof Vent/Accessories
  • Size 28cm x 28cm/40cm x 40cm
  • Weight 1.8kg/4.6kg
  • Application Caravans, Motorhomes, Van Conversions, Campervans/Fiamma Rooflight Vent 28
  • Country of Origin Italy

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