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Dometic Freshjet 2000 Roof Air Conditioner, Fitted (3 year warranty)

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BRAND : Dometic
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This is a Dometic Roof air conditioner for campervans with a 2000 W output. Compact and lightweight with a gentle yet efficient air flow: this 2000 W roof air conditioner is the ideal climate solution for campervans.

This is a Dometic Roof air conditioner for campervans with a 2000 W output. Compact and lightweight with a gentle yet efficient air flow: this 2000 W roof air conditioner is the ideal climate solution for campervans. It can cool, warm or dehumidify air at the touch of a button. The dark grey, aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit perfectly complements the design of modern campervan models.

3 years warranty when fitted at the Dometic Fitting Centre

We have partnered with Dometic to offer you an extra years warranty. If you buy the fitted option above you will take your vehicle to the Dometic Fitting Centre in Tewsbury. The price paid here includes the standard fitting and it will be fitted directly by Dometic themselves. As Dometic are fitting the air conditioning unit, they are happy to offer 3 years warranty instead of 2! You will also have the piece of mind that the fitting of the unit will be first-class as it will be fitted by a dedicated team of Dometic Service Engineers.

What happens once I place the fitted order with us?
Once you place the order with us, we will send your details to the Dometic Fitting Centre. A Dometic team member will then contact you to organise a convenient time for you to bring in your vehicle. Be advised that Dometic will require a photograph of the roof of your vehicle as well as an interior image of the roof light and the surrounding area so they are able to assess if any additional work will be required to fit the unit. We will request this by email after you place the order with us. Please ignore the shipping information. We will not ship the FJ2000 to you, it will be delivered to the fitting centre in Tewkesbury awaiting your vehicle.

Standard fitting involves the removal of an existing 400 by 400 roof light and replacing with, and wiring in, the roof-top unit and installation of the ADB inside the interior of the vehicle. The cost does not include the moving or any other rooftop items you might have e.g. solar panels. If it is found that additional work is required the Dometic Fitting Centre will advise accordingly.

Please note that if you order a non-fitted unit then we will ship this to you on a pallet.

Address of Dometic Fitting Centre:
Dometic Fitting Centre
Unit 31 Alexandra Way
GL20 8NB

Dometic Tewsbury Service Centre
Dometic Tewsbury Service Centre
Dometic Tewsbury Service Centre
When creating the Dometic FreshJet 2000 campervan roof air conditioner, our engineers combined the ultra-compact rooftop unit of our popular FreshJet series with an air distribution box which gives a pleasantly gentle air curtain effect. The air flows in four directions – to the front, rear, left and right. All four air streams can be adjusted individually to target the distribution exactly where you need it. As well as cool air, the FreshJet 2000 can warm and dehumidify air too. The temperature and blower speed can be conveniently adjusted by remote control. The LED lighting is dimmable, while a soft-start function ensures reliable start-up on campsites with an unstable power supply. The dark grey, aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit perfectly complements the design of modern campervan models.

Dometic's FreshJet are among the smallest air conditioners on the market. With different versions to suit different sizes of vehicles, even the most powerful versions share the same ultra-compact design. The space-saving design leaves room on the roof for solar panels, a satellite dish or even for a second FreshJet if you want separate air conditioning zones. Thanks to a very low starting current and soft-start function, the units will even run smoothly on campsites with low electrical protection. Adjustable air flow encourages effective air distribution, exactly as you need it. Capable of cooling, heating and dehumidifying air: FreshJets offer comfort. Integrated LED lighting allows users to create ambient lighting inside the vehicle. All functions are conveniently managed with an easy to use remote control.

In 2011, NASA was on the lookout for an air conditioning system to install in their lunar electric rover. They decided they needed expert help and consulted numerous suppliers. Finally, after a rigorous selection process, the space agency chose Dometic. After extensive trials in Arizona, where the system had to keep scientists and their equipment cool and dry in extreme heat and high-dust levels, Dometic's technology was approved for extra-terrestrial duty. Thanks to our talented engineers and their hard work and dedication in developing innovative solutions to meet NASA’s rigorous technical specifications and safety requirements for this unusual test vehicle, Dometic.

Dometic FreshJet 2000 (FJ2000AM) roof air conditioner Features

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design is ideal for campervans
  • Cool, warm or dehumidify air at the touch of a button
  • Soft-start for reliable start-up at campsites with low electrical protection
  • Cooling capacity: 2000 W / 6800 BTU/h
  • Heating Capacity: 1200 W
  • Specially designed air distribution box – adjustable air flow from four air ducts
  • Rooftop unit in dark grey complements the design of modern campervan models


  • SKU number : 9600025737
  • Model : FJ2000
  • Dimensions product depth : 562 mm
  • Dimensions product height : 225 mm
  • Dimensions product width : 787 mm
  • Net weight : 32 kg
  • Cut out depth : 400.00 mm
  • Cut out width : 400.00 mm
  • Input voltage (AC) : 230 V
  • Input frequency : 50 Hz
  • Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) : 2000 W
  • Heating capacity (ISO 5151) : 1200 W
  • Power consumption - Cooling mode (ISO 5151) : 940 W
  • Power consumption - Heat pump (ISO 5151) - Display : 1200 W
  • Thermostat control : Electronic Thermostat
  • Certificates : CE, EMC

The refreshing, cool air of an air conditioner can be key to your onboard comfort. This buying guide will help you to understand the different features and benefits of air conditioner models; allowing you to choose the ideal unit for you and your vehicle!

Not all vehicles are compatible with every type of air conditioner:

  • Insulation strengths of individual models can vary and so we recommend speaking to your authorized dealer or service center for the best advice according to your specific vehicle.
  • A vehicle’s length also influences air conditioner choice; powerful units being needed for large internal spaces. In some cases, more than one unit is used.

Dometic Air Conditioning selection chart

Air conditioners are either designed for installation on the vehicle’s roof or inside an internal storage compartment.

Rooftop air conditioners are positioned over the window in your vehicle’s roof. For installation, the roof must be flat and have sufficient space.


  • Storage: it does not use any valuable storage space inside your vehicle. This is particularly beneficial to owners of smaller vehicles with limited internal space.
  • Light: given its position over a window, rooftop units can obstruct natural light. Unless of course you purchase a rooftop unit with an integrated window!
  • Distribution: choose between an air distribution box or, for wider, more targeted distribution, a ducting system.
  • Clearance: it will add to your vehicle’s height - however, a sleek, low-profile rooftop model you’ll barely notice the difference.
  • Heater: since heat rises, rooftop units aren’t optimally placed to heat your vehicle.

An under bench air conditioner is located inside the vehicle – under a bench or in a compartment. It is ideal if your vehicle’s roof is curved or crowded with other devices.


  • Storage: you will lose internal storage space to accommodate the air conditioner.
  • Light: windows are unaffected meaning it won’t block natural light.
  • Distribution: always via a ducting system, allowing a wide distribution of cool air to multiple rooms of your choice.
  • Clearance: your vehicle’s clearance height is not affected.
  • Heater: its low installation position makes it more effective as a heater.

The “cooling capacity” of an air conditioner (sometimes referred to as pull down power) indicates the speed at which it cools air. This feature is measured in British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/h). If you want to feel a drop in temperature as quickly as possible, then choose an air conditioner with a high cooling capacity.

Low-hanging obstacles such as bridges make the clearance height of your RV well worth considering. An obvious solution is to choose an under bench unit which will not add any extra height to your vehicle. However, an aerodynamic, low-profile rooftop unit can add as little as 25cm to your vehicle’s clearance height, making them a great option too.

This product must be installed by a Dometic approved installer, to not do so will affect the warranty on the product.

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