Fiamma VW T4 Carry-Bike + Spare Parts

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Quick Safe Strap for Fiamma Carry Bike

Quick Safe strap for Fiamma Carry Bike. Sliding safety lock system. Can be installed only on original Carry-Bike reinforced rails. Will not rust and easily fitted via the base of the rail and sliding into the required position. Fiamma Quick Safe is supplied in 1 piece.

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Fiamma Bike Block Star Nut

Fiamma Bike Block Star Nut (RED HAND-WHEEL KIT CB). This is a replacement red bike block star nut for carry-bike bike racks. Suitable for the Bike Block Pro 1, Bike Block Pro 2, Bike Block Pro 3, Bike Block Pro 4, Bike Block Pro D1 and Bike Block Pro D2 bike racks as well ...


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