Thule Omni-Bike Sport Bike Rack Model Spare Parts

Product Ref: 235378

Omni-Sport and Omni-bike Plus extra Rail

Extension kit for Omnibike sport and omni-bike plus. For fixed positioning of a 3rd bike on the vacant location on the rack. 1 extra rail+ 1 bike holder.

£57.69 (inc VAT)  £67.28
Product Ref: 240219

Thule Omni-Bike sport for Ducato-Jumper-Boxer < 2007 Vans

Mounted on the right rear door using mounting profiles.The door can be opened without removing the bikes. The rails are on the far left. Availabe for 2 bikes and cannot be increased.Weight 9.5kgMaximum carrying weight 35kgs.

£199.00 (inc VAT)  £349.47
Product Ref: 240222

Thule Omni-Bike sport Garage 4th rail kit

Thule Omni-Bike sport Garage 4th rail kit. Allows 4 bikes to be stored on the garage rack.

£37.76 (inc VAT)  £43.51

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