Gas Fittings

A range of hose nozzles, straight and elbow couplings, equal and unequal tee's, and olives.

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3 Way Hose Nozzle

Wade 3 way nozzle suitable for low pressure hose. Not to be used in marine applications.

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Product Ref: 241086

Camping Gaz adaptor

Fits onto a Camping Gaz cylinder and the exit thread of 21.8mm LH will fit regulator 218649 or pigtail 219869

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Product Ref: 226092

Quick release coupling (8mm)

Quick release coupling allows two pieces of 8mm hose to be coupled or parted safely.

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Product Ref: 218387

Universal plus Thermocouple kit, 900mm

The universal plus thermocouple kit has more parts than the usual universal kit. It contains 6 nuts and 10 accessories as well as the thermocouple itself. Worth having to cover the more obscure thermocouple applications

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Barbeque point outlet fitting- quick release gas nozzle

Push fit into barbeque point on side of caravan. Connects to flexible gas hose - ensure to use suitable hose clip.

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Strap holder for gas bottle retention

Rim lock Touring Caravans (standard) for bathroom door , Used with push button on outside and pull button on inside. Suitable for bar lock having catch at top and bottom of door.(ITEM DESIGN NOW SLIGHTLY MORE RECTANGLE THAN SQUARE AS PER PICTURE)

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Gas adaptor- propane to 21.8mm LH thread

Brass adaptor to convert the standard propane male connection to 21.8 mm left hand thread. This is the left hand thread used on many pigtail hoses but also fits the propane regulator used on German gas bottles. Therefore this allows a German regulator to fit the UK propane...


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Reich external bbq point cover - grey without lock

Reich bbq point cover - grey without lock PLEASE NOTE IF OUT OF STOCK THERE IS A 4-8 WEEK DELAY

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Product Ref: 257143

Reich External BBQ point cover -grey with lock

Reich External BBQ point cover -grey with lockPLEASE NOTE IF OUT OF STOCK THERE IS A 4-8 WEEK DELAYdimensions for the installation hole are 157 x 67 cm.When it is fitted, the lid is 28mm high.

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8mm straight bulkhead gas connector

8mm straight connector for bulkhead mounting. Allows a gas supply to pass through a thin wall such as the wall of a gas bottle housing.Length 40mm. Construction material Brass, copper olive. Maximum bulkhead depth: 10mm.Size: 8mm or 5/16"

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