Caravan Cupboard and Locker Door Hinges

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Double cranked cabinet hinge

Double cranked cabinet hinge, Width 50mmOther dimensionsSmaller side - hingepin to angle 20mm, angle to end 25mm.Larger side - hingepin to first angle 20mm, first angle to second angle 12.5mm, second angle to end 22mm

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Motorhome Cupboard Hinge

DGN hinge comes complete with 3 tensioned springs making it very heavy duty. For framed cupboards on Motorhomes.Overall length in position shown 103mm.

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Toilet door/cupboard hinge

Toilet door/cupboard hinge. Used by Compass caravans and other leading manufacturers

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Hinge Mignon

Widely used on Caravans and Motorhomes. Maximum thickness of doors must be 20mm. These hinges are built to such quality that they can be opened and closed up to 80,000 times!

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Caravan locker door hinge

As used on Technoform doors. This hinge eliminates the need for cupboard catches/gas struts. As fitted as standard by many manufacturers. Is 40% smaller than usual hinge. Consists of 3 strong springs. For larger version see 255938.

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Cupboard Hinge Heavy Duty

Heavy duty hinge with 2 integrated springs. Its strength means that the locker door will remain perfectly open.

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Fawo Cupboard Door Hinge

Cupboard door hinge. Black powder coated with holes for fixing. To suit 15mm doors or cupboards. Measurements: 20mm complete hinge width, 10mm inner width, 50mm length. Ideal for use in leisure vehicles.Fawo Cupboard Door Hinge FeaturesCupboard door hinge.Black powder coated...


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