Keys and Barrels for Caravan Door Locks

Product Ref: 235597

Hartal barrel and keys (Swift)

Barrel and two keys for Hartal lock fitted to Swift main doors

 (4 reviews) (4 reviews)
£24.09 (inc VAT)  £29.96
Product Ref: 235587

Hartal key barrel & keys (Bailey)

Barrel and two keys for Hartal door lock fitted to Bailey caravans

 (1 review) (1 review)
£33.42 (inc VAT)  £35.99
Product Ref: 236743

WD barrel for front lockers

WD barrel for front lockers. Short barrel with female thread to accept front locker lever mechanism. For WD keys only

£8.80 (inc VAT)  £10.99
Product Ref: 236742

WD barrel lock - short

WD barrel lock - short. Barrel with two keys

 (4 reviews) (4 reviews)
£6.51 (inc VAT)  £8.99
Product Ref: 234960

WD barrel with 2 keys

WD barrel with 2 keys.Replacement barrel for many caravan locks including Caraloc 2000

 (1 review) (1 review)
£5.38 (inc VAT)  £7.99
Product Ref: 230176

Caraloc Security Lock

Caraloc Security Lock, suitable for the Caraloc 640 and 2000 series locks. Relaces normal key lock with the round security lock. Comprises lock and 4 keys.

 (2 reviews) (2 reviews)
£18.69 (inc VAT)  £19.99
Product Ref: 256450

FAP HSC Barrel and Keys - high security locks

HSC Barrel and Keys. Widely used barrel and keys with high security 'car style' key. FW keyWidely used and the way forward in lock styles. High security barrel with 2 keys, this lock is the one described as having "car style keys". High security as only FAP can cut these ke...


 (2 reviews) (2 reviews)
£12.20 (inc VAT)  £14.99
Product Ref: 241689

FAP spare barrel & Keys

Spare barrel and 2 keys. Fits FAP Water Inlet Housing, Product Reference: 257053

£10.02 (inc VAT)  £11.99

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