Bulldog Stabiliser Spares

Product Ref: 227530

Bulldog Friction Discs.200Q and 400Q

Non asbestos friction discs for Bulldog 200Q & 400Q stabilisers. 4 inch diameter. (Pack of two)

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£13.63 (inc VAT)  £14.88
Product Ref: 227528

Bulldog Clamp on Angle Bracket

Bulldog Clamp on Angle Bracket for Alko/BPW Chassis, 40mm, 45mm, and 46mm wide.

£30.72 (inc VAT)  £40.96
Product Ref: 227529

Bulldog Friction Discs 100Q and Scott Stabilisers

Non asbestos friction discs for Bulldog 100Q & Scott stabilsers. 4 inch diameter. (Pack of two)

£14.46 (inc VAT)  £16.66
Product Ref: 227532

Bulldog Locking Studs for Car Plates

Locking stud for Bulldog 200Q stabiliser car plate.(design changed was red turning knob)

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£7.90 (inc VAT)  £7.72
Product Ref: 227546

Bulldog Plastic Slipper and Fasteners

Bulldog Plastic slipper & fastener for Bulldog stablisers, also fits Scott & other makes of stabliser.

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£9.20 (inc VAT)  £8.98
Product Ref: 227534

Bulldog Saddle Clamp

Bulldog Saddle Clamp for Alko/BPW Chassis, 40mm, 45mm and 46mm wide

£19.61 (inc VAT)  £21.24
Product Ref: 228562

Bulldog Swan Neck Bracket

The Bulldog Swan Neck Bracket fits up to 43mm dia. towbars. WARNING. Requires a minimum parallel section of 35mm not tapered

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£54.00 (inc VAT)  £63.00
Product Ref: 227531

Bulldog Tubular Handle for quick release

Bulldog Tubular handle for quick release on Bulldog 200Q stabiliser.

£4.52 (inc VAT)  £4.75
Product Ref: 227549

Bulldog Twin Car Plate

Bolt on car plate for Bulldog 400Q twin stabiliser.

£77.09 (inc VAT)  £88.89

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