Winteroff Stabiliser Spare Parts

Product Ref: 256316

Handle for Winterhoff Stabiliser

Spare handle for the Winterhoff stabiliser WS3000 Mk 1 and 2. Includes friction pads and fixing bolts.

£131.82 (inc VAT)  £176.99
Product Ref: 233416

Friction Pads for Winterhoff Stabiliser >2002

Friction pads for Winterhoff stabiliser WS3000-D2 manufactured after 2002. For installation instructions please see exploded diagrams tab.

£51.00 (inc VAT)  
Product Ref: 233411

Winterhoff Friction Pad - before 2002

For Winterhoff stabiliser couplings before 2002.

(inc VAT)  

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