Spare Jockey wheels

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Jockey wheel - Spare Wheel Pneumatic metal rim

Jockey wheel- spare wheel pneumatic. Metal rim. Axle dia. 20mm. Width at axle 88mm. Diameter of wheel 250mm

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Product Ref: 228507

Jockey wheel spare wheel pneumatic

Jockey wheel spare wheel pneumatic. 260 x 85mm rubber wheel , item is all black now.

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Product Ref: 228509

Jockey Wheel Spare wheel 200mm metal

Jockey Wheel Spare wheel, Metal rim with solid tyre for 20mm diameter axle. Width at axle 50mm. Diameter of wheel 200mm.

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£7.08 (inc VAT)  £9.99
Product Ref: 228510

Maypole Jockey wheel spare wheel 170mm plastic

Jockey wheel spare wheel 170mm plastic rim, solid rubber tyre. To suit axle dia. of 20mm. The Maypole 226 Spare Jockey Wheel actually includes a tyre. The wheel itself is a 160mm wheel which is solid steel surrounded by a robust and durable rubber tyre. The wheel is easy to...


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Product Ref: 228511

Jockey wheel Spare wheel 160mm Metal

Jockey wheel Spare wheel 160mm dia, metal rim, solid rubber tyre. Spindle hole length 60mm for 34mm jockey assembly.

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Product Ref: 232968

Jockey wheel ALKO soft

3 segment, 240 mm dia x 70 mm wide. To suit 20mm dia. axle.

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Product Ref: 249249

Maypole 260mm Plastic Wheel with Pneumatic Tyre for Jockey Wheels

260mm Plastic wheel with pneumatic tyre.Diameter of tyre 260mm. Bore diameter 20mm. Spindle hole length 85mm.Max load 300lb at 30psi.Suits the following:Quick View     Maypole Jockey Wheel Pneumatic , 48 mm

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£7.75 (inc VAT)  £12.00
Product Ref: 250017

Spare Jockey Wheel 200mm x 50mm

Replacement / spare solid jockey wheel for caravan or trailer 200x50mm heavyweight rubber wheel.

£6.47 (inc VAT)  £7.99

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