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Royal Apollo Caravan Mover

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Royal Apollo Caravan Mover.

•Hi-torque motors provide the optimal power to weight ratio and enable the mover to showcase superior performance and efficiency
•Aluminium rollers are robust, durable and friendly to tyres
•Easy winding mechanism enables the rollers to be engaged and disengaged - for optimal positioning against the tyres
•Cross actuation kit enables simultaneous engagement and disengagement of both rollers on either side of the mover
•Ergonomically designed remote control.

•Weight 37Kg
•Fitting clamp: Standard (Steel)
•Safe working load: 1800kg ( 1450kg on a gradient of 15%)
•Power source: 12V 105Ah, 12V 85Ah minimum
•Max current: 100A
•Minimum width: 1800mm
•Maximum width: 2500mm
•Maximum tyre width: 205mm
•Warranty: 2 years

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