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Milenco Original Wheel Clamp for Motorhomes with 15" Wheels

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Milenco Original Wheel Clamp for Motorhomes with 15" Wheels

The Milenco original wheelclamp is UK manufactured and a favourite among caravanners for the past decade due to its exceptional resistance to attack and ease of use. With a pick-proof lock and designed to resist attacks by sawing and freezing, this wheel clamp far exceeds Sold Secure Gold standards. It has been independently attack tested and approved by Europe's most demanding test centre, The Dutch Road Research Institute TNO and is approved to SCM MP03 - the world's highest accredited standard for caravan security.
Since its initial development, the pick-proof locking mechanism has been re-engineered to make the wheelclamp even easier to line up, meaning that it is even quicker and easier to fit.
Suitable for alloy or steel wheels, all Milenco Wheel Clamps have a foam backing on the main body to protect alloy wheels.

Exceptional security - tested to exceed Sold Secure Gold standard
Re-engineered locking mechanism makes the wheelclamp simple to fit
Resistant to attacks by sawing, freezing and picking
Suits alloy and steel caravan wheels

Size C15: Suitable for Motorhomes with 15" Wheels

About Milenco Wheel Clamps
Milenco TNO/VIP approved caravan security products are quite simply the best you can buy. Yet at a price you can afford. Milenco's wheel clamp is the very finest in design, quality engineering and construction. The locking mechanisms are built-in and with corrosion-proof brass construction and hardened inserts are exceptionally resistant to picking, chiselling, torching and drilling.That's because Milenco is the only major manufacturer to use purpose-designed high security locks. They're all brass, not die cast - with ten pins, not seven. The wheel clamp incorporates case-hardened steel which can't be hacksawed or shattered. In fact the wheel clamp offers an outstanding combination of high strength and low weight that is unique in the market.

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