Caravan Towing Electrics

At we make it our business to stock the high quality caravan and motorhome spares that our customers need to keep them on the road enjoying their holidays, including a range of towing electrics for 'vans and trailers. We know that there really is nothing more wonderful than the open road with relaxation, fun and exploration waiting at the other end. However, we also understand that touring whilst unprepared and with dodgy or faulty equipment is a headache at best and dangerous at worst. The health of your towing electrics is crucial to this preparedness and safety, of course, and we're glad to say we can help you on this front!

Spares and parts for Caravan Towing Electrics

Among out towing electrics for 'vans, we stock a full range of towing plugs and sockets and spares, including 7 pin sockets, 13 pin sockets, socket mounting plates, conversion leads for 13 pin to 7 pin towing sockets, fixing bolts, sockets holders for both 7 pin and 13 pin plugs and the all-important cable.

We also stock a range of high quality, reasonably priced trailer boards in various widths and with varying lengths of cable.

For those of you with trailers, at we also stock a range of high quality, reasonably priced covers for towing trailers to keep yor trailer in good condition whilst it awaits your next trip and your belongings safe from the elements whilst you are in transit. We also stock a full range of towing accessories and spares, including towbar and fittings, towing mirrors, breakaway cables, nose weight gauges and towball spacers.

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Towing plugs & sockets
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Towing plugs & sockets

Towing plugs & sockets for use in connecting the electrics of your car...