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Lock 'n' Level Twin Axle

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The Locknlevel levelling system is a very popular system designed and manufactured by a small company who have brought this innovative solution to market. They understood the need for a system that was light and portable, yet was quick and easy to use, and couldn't find one. So they produced Lock 'n' Level : the only system of its kind.

Following the introduction of 'through-the-wheel' locks, the task of securing & levelling has become far more difficult and time consuming. With a twin axle caravan, both wheels can be locked and the caravan perfectly levelled in about 5/6 minutes. This will raise your caravan up to 6" dependant upon its weight. The Lock 'n' Level is the only device you need, apart from a standard tyre pump (not supplied).

Lock 'n' Level has been tested on all types of surfaces. It’s also suitable to level both caravans and trailer tents with or without a wheel lock.

With the installation of motor movers, jacking a caravan or using a levelling ramp can be a major problem, not however for a Lock'n'Level! Unlike a lot of other levelling systems, the Lock’n’Level is totally unaffected by the installation of motor movers. Because the 'footprint' of the LocknLevel is a lot larger than that of the tyre that it supports, it is much less likely to sink on soft ground. The fitting of motor movers on a twin axle caravan often necessitates the removal of the jacking points. With Lock’n’Level you can even change any wheel on a twin axle. In the event of a puncture or to change a wheel you can use your Lock'n'Level as a jack.

The only additional equipment you will need is a car tyre pump and your own choice of wheel locks. (the Lock'n'Level is the perfect partner to your AlKo wheel locks). The Lock'n'Level works at such low pressures (up to 30 psi) that any pump good enough to inflate your car/caravan tyres will be fine.

LocknLevel use only the best quality materials in the Lock 'n' Level and have carried out extensive testing to prove its durability. The device will provide many years of trouble-free service.

How can I get a caravan perfectly level and at the same time fit my own choice of lock(s)?
Lock'n'Level can provide you with the solution to both problems at the same time.....and what's more, achieve it with very little effort. The only additional equipment required is a standard tyre pump. You can forget all the planks, ramps, bottle jacks, wind-ups, hydraulic jacks and scissor jacks etc.

Lock'n'Level renders them all redundant.

Important Note
These are very robust and they will not fail under normal use but that they could be pierced by a screw, nail, piece of glass or similar, so they recommend putting a cheap rubber mat underneath, smooth side up, as a precaution.

The LocknLevel does not come supplied with an air pump or wheel locks.

Lock 'n' Level Twin Axle Features & Specifications
  • Will raise your caravan up to 6" dependant upon its weight.
  • Both wheels can be locked
  • Levelled in about 5/6 minutes
  • Unaffected by motor-movers
  • Change any wheel on a twin axle
  • Weight: 7kg
  • The size, when packed in its storage bag is 33 x 25 x 10cm (13.5" x 10" x 4")
  • The size , when laid out ready to use is 33 x 146cm (13.5" x 58")
  • The envelope is made from a nylon reinforced polypropylene.
  • The steel parts are all zinc plated.
  • The valves are nickel plated brass and the bolts are all stainless steel.

What is in the box?
  • Instruction manual
  • spare valve caps
  • storage bag.
  • The Lock 'n' Level is fitted with standard car tyre adapters. The only other thing you will need is a standard tyre pump and your own choice of wheel lock.

Lock 'n' Level Twin Axle Video

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