Boat roller bracket

Product Ref: 248686

Ribbed Roller 120mm x 90mm wide

Boat trailer ribbed roller, Height 8.9cm, Width 20.4cm, Length 33.5cm, Weight 1.94kg

£8.11 (inc VAT)  £9.99
Product Ref: 248687

Roller bracket bent

Roller bracket bent. 8mm pivot hole. Length 360mm, shaft diameter 27mm.

£15.06 (inc VAT)  £17.99
Product Ref: 230436

Single roller bracket

Fits to stem tube and accommodates two single rollers 230416. L - 195mm, W - 40mm, Outside diameter 16mm

£13.30 (inc VAT)  £15.99
Product Ref: 241755

Single Roller Castor Bracket

Zinc plated single roller bracket for castor roller. Takes 2 rollers 132732.Suitable for attaching to stem post 230438 or 230439.

£11.51 (inc VAT)  £13.99
Product Ref: 230438

Stem tube 300mm long

Diameter 34mm. Length 300mm. May be clamped to the chassis using clamp bracket 230454.

£4.35 (inc VAT)  £5.99
Product Ref: 230439

Stem tube 440mm long

Diameter 34mm. May be clamped to the chassis using bracket 230454

£5.80 (inc VAT)  £6.99
Product Ref: 248981

Straight Ribbed Roller Bracket

Straight ribbed roller bracket complete with 2 bushes, washers and split pins. Height 4.5cm, Width 3.2cm, Length 31.5cm, weight .71kgRoller bracket to carry two roller 248686

£13.47 (inc VAT)  £15.99
Product Ref: 226708

Trailer Keel Roller bracket for 19mm bore

Boat roller bracket for 19mm bore is suitable for rollers 126711 and 226714. Length 148, width 50, height 71.

£9.88 (inc VAT)  £11.99

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