Dometic Gas Connection M14x1,5

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Dometic Gas Connection M14x1,5

The Dometic Gas Connection M14x1,5 will fit to the following models : Dometic RM8401 Refridgerator, Dometic RMs8405, Dometic RMs8461, Dometic RMs8465, Dometic RM7211lsc, Dometic RM7271, Dometic RM7291, Dometic RM7361, Dometic RM7371, Dometic RM7391, Dometic RM7401, Dometic RM7541, Dometic RM7551, Dometic RM8405, Dometic RM8501, Dometic RM7290, Dometic RM7360, Dometic RM8505, Dometic RM7270, Dometic RM7275l, Dometic RM7295l, Dometic RM7365l, Dometic RM7405l, Dometic RM7545l, Dometic RM8551, Dometic RM7555l, Dometic RM8555, Dometic RMt7651l, Dometic RM4213, Dometic RM4223, Dometic RM7851 L, Dometic RM7855 L, Dometic RM7601l, Dometic RM7651l, Dometic RM4292, Dometic RM4291lm, Dometic RM4290l, Dometic RM4281lm, Dometic RM4280m, Dometic RM4271lm, Dometic RM7801l, Dometic RM7805l, Dometic RM4361, Dometic RM4400 L, Dometic RM4360l, Dometic RM4301, Dometic RM4270, Dometic RM8551, Dometic RM8555 S, Dometic RM8401 Refridgerator, Dometic RM7400, Dometic RMs8461, Dometic RMs8465, Dometic RMlt9335, Dometic RMlt9435, Dometic RMl8551, Dometic RMl8555, Dometic RMt7655l, Dometic RMt7851l, Dometic RMt7855l, Dometic RMs8401, Dometic RMs8501, Dometic RMs8505, Dometic RMs8551, Dometic RMs8555, Dometic RM7605 RM7655 S, Dometic Electrolux RM5211lm, Dometic Electrolux RM5271lm, Dometic RM5385, Dometic Electrolux RM5401lm, Dometic RMl9331, Dometic RMl9335, Dometic RMl9431, Dometic RMl9435, Dometic RM8505, Dometic RM8551, Dometic RMf8505, Dometic RM4233, Dometic RM4240, Dometic RM4263f, Dometic RM4401.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this product will fit the above models, to guarantee it is the correct part please view the exploded diagram for your model using the Dometic Product Number. Click HERE to go to our exploded diagram page and where requested, please enter your Dometic Product Number as shown on the identification plate on your appliance.

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