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Of all the apparatus for your van that we stock on Leisureshopdirect.com, in recent months the electric cool bag really has become one of the must-have pieces of apparatus for your van for carefree touring in the UK and beyond. They are quite literally flying off the shelves. And no wonder, when you think about what they offer the caravanning and camping community. Gone are the days when to keep your cheese sandwiches and beer cool for that beach or river-side picnic, you need to lug a hugely cumbersome and ridiculously heavy box with a comically un-ergonomic hard plastic handle and (once the lid has been lifted - in itself not always an easy feat!) a disppointingly small space in which to store your food and drink. These days your electric cool bag is going to be made from versatile materials designed for both comfort and performance; it will be light in weight and you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the amount of space you'll find inside even a small cool bag... you might even like the look of a modern electric cool bag! For those who have arrived on this page looking for an electric cool box, fear not! We have a battalion of electric cool boxes to choose from too!

Choose an Electric Cool Bag

At Leisureshopdirect, because quality and reliability are key features in our approach to sales, we stock both Waeco and Dometic electric cool bags, including a cool bag rucksack. The efficient technology of an electric cool bag ensures that your food and drink cools quickly and stays cool for longer. Running efficiently off a 12v supply, an electric coolbag will quickly cool its contents to up to 15 degrees below the ambient temperature and, once disconnected from the power supply, keep the food and drink inside cool for hours. If space-saving is important to you, an electric cool bag might be a better option than a cool box as it will fold away when empty.

Find a Small Cool Bag

And, what if you don't have an army of small people to feed in your family? What if your particular electric cool bag needs to provide space for a picnic for two, a couple of glasses and a bottle of chilled Prosecco and no more? You'll be glad to know that cooling bags come in all shapes and sizes and you'll even find an example of two or a small cool bag of the electrical variety listed on our site too.

Choose a Camping Cool Bag

And, there's no need to go all technical with an electric cool bag, either. One of the more straightforward but still highly effective camping cool bags that we stock at Leisureshopdirect is likely to do the job.

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