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Switched LED Spotlight with USB (12 volt)

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Introducing the Mensa 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight, complete with a USB port—a must-have innovation for every camping, caravan, and motorhome enthusiast. The Mensa spotlight is a paragon of practicality and performance, offering a dual function of both illumination and device charging. This 12V LED spot lamp operates at 3 watts and emits a cool white light at a temperature of 4100K, suitable for various needs from reading to cooking. The light comes with an on/off switch, but what truly sets this spotlight apart is the built-in dimmer dial, which allows you to adjust the light intensity according to your specific needs, thereby conserving energy when full brightness is not required. It's an intelligent way to manage power consumption during your outdoor excursions. An added USB port, with a maximum output of 2.0 amps, ensures that you can charge your smartphone or other USB-enabled devices while using the spotlight concurrently, making it a dual-purpose utility.

In today’s digitally-connected world, staying powered up during your adventures is as crucial as having reliable lighting. The Mensa 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight elegantly marries these two essential functions into a single, robust, and versatile unit. Manufactured to the highest standards, the spotlight offers exceptional durability and reliability, essential characteristics for any outdoor or vehicular application. Given the ever-increasing reliance on electronic devices for navigation, communication, and entertainment, having the ability to charge your device, all the while having access to adjustable lighting, offers an unparalleled advantage. Whether it's for your campervan during a weekend getaway, your caravan for an extended holiday, or your motorhome for those long-haul adventures, the Mensa 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight with USB port adds not just convenience but also a layer of safety and utility to your travel experiences. This spotlight is an indispensable asset for those who demand the best in function and reliability.

Switched LED Spotlight with USB (12 volt) Features
  • Chrome finish with cool white bulb.
  • ENSA 1 SMD Dimming Spotlight with switch and USB port. Diameter of base: 6cm. Usb socket rating: 5V 2A max.
  • Fits with Bailey caravans and motorhomes.
  • Ensure base plate is attached to surface before attempting to fix the light to the base and you will need to be firm when turning into position.

EAN-13 : 5060070215723

21 Customer Reviews on Switched LED Spotlight with USB (12 volt)

Easy Replacement

by Mr Dennis (28 Apr 2024)
4 star review(4/5)
I bought these to replace two existing spotlights above our bed, to provide USB outlets, rather than adding additional independent USB outlets. I chose these as they were switched (rather than touch on/off) and because the base diameter was virtually exactly the same as the ones I was replacing. They work fine and were easy to install, but my only 'gripe' would be the access hole in the base to feed the cable through, it means that when trying to twist the lights into place (the body is a bayonet fit to the base) the cable is twisted and stretched, and I feel it could lead to issues, so as the base is plastic, I cut a wedge section out of the base without interfering with any of the bayonet catches, just to give the cable room to move as the light is twisted. Apart from this, very good, also I cant see any way to replace the LED bulb (unlike the ones I removed) so if it fails it would mean replacing the whole lamp.

Compact Reading Lights And More

by Andy - North Yorkshire (15 Apr 2024)
5 star review(5/5)
Bought these to provide a decent reading lights without illuminating the whole van which they do, but I've noticed they can also be positioned to act as subtle down lighting. They are small enough to enable the bed to be lowered from the ceiling and then function as bedside lights with USB charge points.They were a snug fit to mount to the plastic base plate and required a strong grip to twist and lock but once mounted are very sturdy.

Replacement Swift Reading Light

by John Dodd (11 Jul 2022)
5 star review(5/5)
Matches the origional with extras i.e. USB socket and its dimmable

Usb Spots For Caravan

by Alan (28 Jun 2022)
4 star review(4/5)
Ordered 2 if these to replace the standard spotlights in my bailey caravan. . Unfortunately 1 came broken with no power to the usb’s. Contacted leisureshopdirect who were excellent in handling the claim and processed a refund immediately. The remaining spotlight and usbs are working well. I had chosen this switched option instead of the touch control lights for ease ofuse

Nice Unit

by A.non (09 May 2022)
5 star review(5/5)
Great little spot, with twin USB A , local switch and adimmable via the knurled knob on the back of the unit!

Just What I Wanted

by Gerard Cox (25 Jul 2021)
4 star review(4/5)
Great value and good quality product.Purchased 2 and unfortunately on installation, one was found to be faulty but was exchanged quickly and without quibble

Great Light And Easy To Fit

by Roger (20 May 2021)
5 star review(5/5)
Great little spotlight for the caravan with two USB charging slots and a dimmer - comes with spade connectors so simply remove the old light and put this in its place - couldn't be easier.


by Stuart (15 Apr 2021)
5 star review(5/5)
Great product a real upgrade from what I had fitted in my caravan. Also great service to sort out me somehow ordering 1 instead of 2 with free postage on a second one.

2 USB Ports

by Mr Cronk (23 Mar 2021)
4 star review(4/5)
I bought two of these to replace non USB versions in my Bailey Caravan. The product actually has 2 usb ports on it, which I could not see on the website description. My only criticism is that the fit to the bezel is a bit sloppy, I had to put a small piece of packing behind to ensure a tight fit of the chrome light to the mounting plate.

Swift Spotlight

by Phil Brearley (03 Mar 2021)
5 star review(5/5)
I’ve had these for three years now, still good, none have failed, the have two usb charge points on each lamp, a perfect swap using the same holes

Little Gems

by Jansen (26 Oct 2020)
5 star review(5/5)
These are so easy to fit I did them on site it took no more than 10 mins. Build quality looks good can I just suggest a few possable improvements two more screws and the USB takes a bit longer to charge the phone than normal about double actually but other than that a excellent product easy to fit well worth the money.

USB Equipped Lights.

by Mr Moyses (16 Oct 2020)
5 star review(5/5)
Great product easy to install. Just what I needed in my caravan to charge our phones. Very good as now when we’re charging devices it leaves sockets free in the caravan.


by Keith Bader (12 May 2020)
5 star review(5/5)
SWITCHED LED SPOTLIGHT WITH USB (12 VOLT) - bought to replace existing old lighting in my motorhome. Product looks good and has the functionality that I was looking for. Yet to be fitted due to lockdown but hoping for a good result.

USB Happy

by Mr Cartier (20 Oct 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
Good quality item. Replaced existing spotlights in our motorhome to give the facility of phone charging overnight by the bed.

Just The Job

by Glenys Thorne (11 Oct 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
A perfect replacement for our normal lights

Great Light Fitting

by Alan (27 Mar 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
Excellent bit of kit saves fitting extra usb sockets, identical shape etc. to the lights we have already except they are slightly larger but you really can’t tell.


by Mark (21 Feb 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
Good product, good price, look really good and work well. Match others in van

Caravan Spotlights

by S Mercer (15 Feb 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
These lights look great but we haven't fit them yet so I can't say how good they are, hopefully as good as they look


by Matt Sanderson (15 Feb 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
Excellent product had to wait a few weeks but worth it Will be fitting asap

Switched Spotlight With USBs

by John Watson (11 Feb 2019)
5 star review(5/5)
Bought these lights because they had USBs on them , they were easy to fit , no moaning about who charges their iPhone now

Switched Led Spotlight With Usb

by Andrew L (04 Dec 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
I bought a pair of switched spotlights (with usb) to provide low voltage , low temperature lighting for the heads of my granddaughters ‘ bunk beds. It was useful as well for them to be able to charge their entertainment devices via the usb. I was surprised to discover that each light had two usb outlets rather than the one. The lights provide good illumination ,especially at the close quarters of the bunks and can be dimmed. They come with prefitted spade connectors and I had to do some investigation re. polarity.
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