Flourescent Tube 9W PL

Fluorescent Tube 9W PL

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Flourescent Tube 9W PL. 4 pin spare bulb....

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Flourescent Tube 9W PL. 4 pin spare bulb.

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The lumo ceiling light in the bathroom and the spot light in the shower do not work. It was just recently serviced and they said the bulbs had gone, but didn't replace them!! I do not know how to open the lumo ceiling light and am afraid of breaking it. Is there a demonstration video anywhere that I could watch so I can see how it is done? If not is there a "dummies guide to changing a caravan light bulb" available?!?! Also what replacement bulb do I need? The van is kept in storage and I'll be changing the bulb when I take it out for a week at the end of October. Needs to be done as I don't fancy showering in the dark!!!! LOL


By inserting a small screwdriver between the plastic shade and the surround then the shade can be levered off. The bulb for these lights is normally the Fluorescent tube, our ref. 130370, but they have also been fitted with halogen bulb, ref. 124681.

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