Gaslow Propane Easy-fit high pressure hose- 450mm

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The Gaslow High Pressure Rubber Hose Assemblies are available in a range of lengths.

They are independently tested and approved with an extractability rating of just 2%.

However, to avoid regulator failure through oily plasticiser contamination, we recommend the use of the Gaslow Stainless Steel Hoses.

Rubber hoses should be checked regularly and replaced after 4/5 years
They fit onto the inlet of all 30mbar caravan regulators and Gaslow Changeover Systems using the W20 connection.

The hose has an Easy-Fit Propane handwheel connection to eliminate the need to use a spanner.

Note: This item may not fit some 3.9kg cylinders as the valve height may restrict the operation of the handwheel.

Length: 450mm

SAFETY NOTICE: All products and parts must be installed by engineers who hold a valid certificate of competence. The installation must comply with the manufacturers instructions and local regulations. We cannot be held responsible if these instructions are not followed.

6 Customer Reviews on Gaslow Propane Easy-fit high pressure hose- 450mm

Gaslow 450mm Gas Hose

4 star review(4/5)
I have always liked Gaslow hoses. They are normally a really good quality product. I ordered the rubber hoses with a five year life span. They have a manufactured date printed on them. This date gets checked when you take you caravan in for a service and, if over five years old, a change is recommended. I have marked the rating down by one as the date on the hoses that were delivered was 2018 – meaning I’m only really going to get three years use out of them before a replacement is deemed necessary. The hoses I selected have the thumbwheel tightening system one them – much easier to fit and remove than the traditional metal on metal, spanner arrangement. They also have a rubber seal, which gives me confidence that no leaks will occur, although this is always checked, every time with leak detector spray. The one thing you need to watch is when you remove the hose from the cylinder, you can leave the seal behind inside the cylinder socket. If this happens, you can fish it out and reattach to the hose. Should the worst happen, you can buy replacement rubber seal. Overall a good product, marked down by a short shelf life.

It's Gaslow - Worth Getting To Make For Easier Gas Changeovers With No Tools Needed.

5 star review(5/5)
Worth Getting To Make For Easier Gas Changeovers With No Tools Needed.

Gaslow Propane Easy-fit High Pressure Hose- 450mm

4 star review(4/5)
This product is just what its title suggests, an easy to fit hose for propane gas. The initial coupling to regulator is standard fitting and a the seal is easily made when tightening, and no need to be forceful. The other end has a rubberised conical seal that ensures a gas-tight seal is made every time you replace an empty cylinder. The plastic knurled nut makes the need for spanner unnecessary, but it can be removed to allow spanner use. In my usage I have found that regularly, the plastic bit comes off and I have to take a little care to ensure it doesn't. I feel that gaslow could actually market the red plastic bit alone, to add to any propane pigtail you may already have.. at much less cost. If the plastic bit happens to break, it could then be easily replaced. Other than that, a decent product.

Gaslow Propane Easy-fit High Pressure Hose- 450mm (228683)

5 star review(5/5)
I bought 2 standard hoses when I bought my caravan and after a year or two both leaked, one slightly and the other dangerously. These, having the rubber seal at the connecting cone, do not leak and can be connected and removed easily by hand as not much turning effort is rquired. Excellent!

Gaslow Propane Easy-fit High Pressure Hose. Length 450mm

5 star review(5/5)
Motorhome stored so not able to use immediately but I'm sure it will do its work well

Gaslow Propane Easy-fit High Pressure Hose

5 star review(5/5)
An excellent piece of kit. Well made and packaged, easy to fit and now I can change gas cylinders without having to find the spanner.

1 FAQ on the Gaslow Propane Easy-fit high pressure hose- 450mm


I have an Abbey GTS420 and have always used the blue Calor Gas cylinders. Had a problem in the cold weather earlier this year and now want to use Propane. Do I need to change anything besides the cylinder?
by Roger Clow


Yes. You will need to change the pigtail hose. You will need ref. 118401 or 128683.

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