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Hinge for Spinflo Cooker Glass Lids

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Hinge for Spinflo Cooker Glass Lids. 2 required for lid....

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Hinge for Spinflo Cooker Glass Lids. 2 required for lid.
This hinge fits : - Caprice 2040, Caprice MK3, Argent 4 Burner, Enigma 600 Pre 2007 (Rear flueing) and Triplex.

3 Customer Reviews on Hinge for Spinflo Cooker Glass Lids

All Arrived Ready For Our Return

by Kevin Thomas (07 Apr 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
When we were away in Scotland the hinge went off the cooker lid so found it and ordered a replacement. It was ready for when we got home. Thing was, when I looked down the back of the cooker it was sitting in the bottom tray. couple of screws from B&Q and I had the old one fitted. Tied a bit of wire round it and pulled it up from the bottom so I didn't have to strip the cooker.
5 5

Enigma 600 Hinges

by kingchemist (16 Oct 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
Items are very heavy and disappointed one of the originals broke. Bought two (one as a spare). However I have not been able to replace the broken one. The unbroken one fell to the bottom of the cooker when I unscrewed the 2 screws. I managed to refit it with a straightened coat hanger. However the broken one will not drop out and will need to be removed from above. However the trim at the back of the cooker is held by two screws and a second screw through from the bedroom. However despite careful measurement I cannot find the screw head to allow the trim to be removed.
5 5

Hinge For Spinflo Cooker Glass Lid

by Sid (23 Jul 2015)
4 star review(4/5)
One of the hinges on the glass lid of my cooker was missing a screw. I was unable to buy a screw so purchased a complete hinge and only used the screw that came with it. I now have a spare hinge and no current use for it!.
4 5
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