Malaga MKIII Water Storage Heater

This high capacity water storage heater is available in two versions, the standard Malaga, with an efficient gas burner, and the Malaga E, which has the benefit of a 750 watt electric heating element. Both heaters can provide a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in touring and motor caravans.

Micro-processor Controlled Electronics The Malaga 3 water heater is equipped with the latest Propex electronics for accurate digital control of the heaters operation and safety functions. The switch panel features a 3 position switch for selecting either “gas only” or “gas and 230v”. If you want to use the heater on 230v only, you simply
switch off the gas tap that supplies the heater whilst leaving the switch in the “gas and 230v” position. The red L.E.D. on the switch panel lets you know when the gas burner is operating and also, by flashing a certain amount of times, indicates various fault conditions.

Installation Requirements
1. The heater should be floor mounted or suitably supported, normally in the bed box.
2. The flue is designed to pass through a vertical section of the caravan wall, structural sections of which should not be damaged.
3. The flue terminal position should not be closer than 300mm below an opening window or 600mm from a vertical corner.
4. Clearances required for installation and servicing: as seen from inside the caravan.
LHS 240mm RHS 5mm
Rear 100mm Top 5mm

Product Ref: 228512

Carver Adaptor Plate

Carver adaptor plate allows flue aperture for Carver heater to be adap

Carver adaptor plate allows flue aperture for Carver heater to be adapted to the Malaga flue.

£30.50 (inc VAT)  £38.99

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