Reich Caravan Weight Control - up to 1000kg

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Caravan Weight Control gives you 100% control over the total weight and the partial weights of the individiual wheels. Using the handy balance you may easily prevent excess and uneven loads which may have a negative impactg on vehicle handling.

The CWC scale is compact and fits into nearly every glove compartment. It works reliably and precisely and is very suitable for cars, vans, motor homes, caravans and trailers.
up to 1000kg

1 Technical Question on the Reich Caravan Weight Control - up to 1000kg


Do you sell the Reich Caravan Weight Control CWC1000 Kgs? Do you sell spare lower end caps for Remis Remiflair IV Blinds?


The weight control is our part 135913. We will be having stock of the spare parts for the Remiflair IV blind shortly but we are currently waiting on details from Remis.

2 Customer Reviews on Reich Caravan Weight Control - up to 1000kg

Reich CWC - Excellent Device

by BEZZA (11 Apr 2011)
5 star review(5/5)
This weighing device is a must, even for experienced caravanners! There must be so many towers out on our roads with imbalanced caravans! It is not obvious to most, that even if your caravan isn't overweight overall, the even balance of it is quite difficult to achieve. It is very helpful, but most of all reassuring, to know that you are on the right track. With the laws tightening up re towing vehicles - I consider it a good buy.
5 5

Reich CWC - Simply The Best

by KeithMcC (15 Aug 2010)
5 star review(5/5)
This gadget should have been available years ago. It is worth every penny just for the peace of mind knowing exactly and accurately what each wheel weighs and exactly what weight is on the jockey wheel.
This is the first time I have ever had such knowledge and confidence in my 28 years of towing a caravan, knowing just what the caravan weighs as I load it and what the effect on each wheel is.
Simply the best! German of course !!
5 5
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