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Royal 3-Way 42L Absorption Coolbox

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This is a great silent running portable fridge to use on your caravan or motorhome trips. Take the comforts of home outdoors with this excellent cooler that maintains a consistent low temperature giving you peace of mind over all those things you really must keep cool. You could use it as a standalone fridge or as extra space in your awning. Use as a static coolbox, run on electric hook up or use gas where there is no electric hook up available for the ultimate in versatile outdoor living. If you're serious about your camping, then this reliable absorption fridge really is a must have gadget.

Silence is golden with our 3 way absorption fridge.

With its unique technology, this fridge, not only keeps things cool but can also make ice cubes for a cold summer drink. It works off gas, a 12V battery or the mains without a fan allowing it to be noise free whilst providing complete control and practicality.


Royal 3-Way Absorption Coolbox Features
  • Cools up to 25 degrees C below ambient temperature
  • Powerful three-way absorption cooler with 12V DC / 240V AC and gas connection
  • Ideal for camping, caravan or motorhome
  • Fridge must be operted in a well ventilated area at all times
  • Cooler runs on a powerful 90W AC/DC unit, without using a fan for noise reduction
  • Silent Running
  • Works off mains, gas or 12v battery/hook up.
  • Robust steel cabinet.
  • High reliability & long life expectancy

  • Dimensions: H 43.2cm x D 45.7cm x W 48.3cm
  • Capacity: 42 litre
  • Product weight: 17.7kg

EAN-13 : 4020716077284

20 Customer Reviews on Royal 3-Way 42L Absorption Coolbox

3 Way Cool Box

5 star review(5/5)
Super product, worked perfectly while we were camping.

Royal 3 Way Coolbox

5 star review(5/5)
First impressions the unit looks pleasing, tested out of the box on all modes of supply. Doing a home trial before being able to camp. Keeps contents cool. Wanted this to expand our flexibility on camping sites as 240v pitches are at a premium this year by the looks. Leisure Shop Direct very helpful with the order. Looking forward to getting out and using it now.

Very Good Product, Excellent Delivery

5 star review(5/5)
Have no complaints item well packaged and delivered on time and very friendly delivery company. It was exactly what we needed at the cheapest price found online

Good Camping Fridge

4 star review(4/5)
Good fridge can sometime take a while to start when trying to ignite the gas tho hence why it didn’t have more stars from me

Good Product For Price

4 star review(4/5)
Power drain on 12 volt the plug became hot after a short journey draw is 7.5 amps 90 Watts This would be only concern on other power sources works well

Works Perfectly With All Three Power Sources.

5 star review(5/5)
Works perfectly and take a 2l bottle standing up.

Good Fridge - More In-depth Instructions Required

4 star review(4/5)
Very good fridge - once i got it up and running on gas. After trying to ignite the gas for over half an hour i initially gave up. If my dad hadnt been with us i would have returned it as faulty. But it turns out the regulator hose i was using was too long and insufficient gas was reaching the igniter. Once the hose had been cut down to approx 70cm length, the fridge fired up and comfortably kept food cold for the 2 weeks that it was in use.

First Class Fridge, Works Well On All Three Power Options.

5 star review(5/5)
Very pleased with this fridge, I've been using it at home on mains as an overflow when the fridge in the he house is full. I really bought it for when we travel and in our camping field. It functions very well on all three, gas, mains electric and 12 volt electric. Lots of space inside.

This Appliance Is Totally Silent And Unobtrusive.

5 star review(5/5)
I like that it has clean uncomplicated lines as far as the casing is concerned. It is totally silent in operation and is easy to clean inside. It is practical from the point of view in being able to be operated on mains electricity, in a vehicle on a 12v
set up and finally on bottle gas in a caravan or camper environment.

It Works Well Would Recommend

4 star review(4/5)
I usually have the 12 Volt Electric 24 Litre Large Cool Boxes and they soon wear out, this is an 42L Royal 3-way Absorption Camping Caravan Fridge/Cool box/Cooler 12V/230V/Gas. Using The ammonia gas I have used it on both 230V and gas and can say it is very efficient we go camping in Europe and you need a good cool box, I put in a temperature gauge to keep a check on the temperature and this cooler works well, last used two weeks ago at our BBQ.

The Perfect Answer

5 star review(5/5)
Fabulous fridge. Does exactly what the fridge in our brand new caravan can’t - keep the beer cold in France. This is the second time I have purchased this fridge. Sold the first one when we purchased a caravan with a huge fridge/freezer - however the temperature in France proves too much for it. This fridge copes with ease.

Delivery Was Fast Through White Box And Kept You Up To Date

5 star review(5/5)
Had one of these before they are brilliant used alot on camping and then as an extra fridge in a caravan awning, plus at home for holding the Christmas drinks. We had the last one for well over 15years hope this one last just as long.

Great Little Fridge

5 star review(5/5)
Purchased as a gift, no complaints so far , arrived on time

Great Product

5 star review(5/5)
Amazing product! Gets very cold and holds a lot! As a family of four we needed something large! It gets cold pretty quick as well so not too much waiting around.

Five Stars

5 star review(5/5)
Great three way fridge - used this summer without a hitch

Five Stars

5 star review(5/5)
Fast delivery can't wait to use it looks really nice

Great Fridge!

5 star review(5/5)
This arrived really quickly and works a treat. I am yet to see it work well on the road or in the boot of the car but anyway that goes to be seen.

Four Stars

4 star review(4/5)
Just what we wanted works well

Five Stars

5 star review(5/5)
Had for two years fantastic


5 star review(5/5)
I have owned a Royal fridge for 4 years now and it has worked without fail, even after being in storage for nearly 2 years the fridge works great. As with ALL absorption fridges you must have a LEVEL platform for it to operate correctly, this is due to the way the fridge works as it uses liquid ammonia to cool the system down, so if the fridge is not level the ammonia cannont travel through its cooling cycle correctly.

The other review is unfair and does not reflect the operation of the fridge, when running on GAS you will get a smell and personally you should not operate this fridge in a tent due to the gas burning all the time. You must have it in a WELL ventilated area if running it on GAS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT due to potential carbon monoxide poisoning. If I do run the fridge on gas I have a small utility tent which I put the fridge in (the tent is well ventilated at the top and has a mesh window that allows a free flow of air inside.

I was initially concerned about how much gas this fridge uses and thought that iI might run out of gas but I checked the stats. The fridge consumes gas at about 15 grams per hour so a 5kg gas bottle will last at least 330 Hours! so that's a lot of days camping.

I've had it in 30c temperatures and it cools the items to a nice chilly 5-7c (I have a thermometer inside the fridge) it can even make ice cubes and comes with a little ice cube tray.

The 240v operation works flawlessly as does the 12v but please remember if you are running off your car battery this fridge will run it down within a few hours (if you leave it on the 12v without running the car engine) 12v is ideal if you are travelling to the campsite to keep the fridge cool, I normally run the fridge on the mains the night before travelling then I use the car's 12v to keep the fridge cool and then its on gas when I get to the campsite. Remember the frige will work better if you have some items in the fridge )I normally put some food and milk in the fridge
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