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Do you and your loved ones adore immersing yourselves in nature or do you all dream about touring around, encountering new faraway places? Maybe you have an ambition to visit cities of art and culture or you constantly ponder travelling lazily through country lanes, ending up with a beautiful sea view. Well, surely travelling on board a motorhome has to be one of the finest ways to get to appreciate this diverse, exciting world. Why not make your motorhome that bit more versatile and roomy, with a Fiamma Motorhome awning..….there are lots to choose from, the Fiamma F45s, the Fiamma F45L, the Fiamma F40 and the Fiamma F35. Why not double your living space! When else in your life can you have the complete and utter freedom to stop wherever and whenever you like? The Fiamma motorhome awnings are so easy to erect and then stow away, moving frequently from campsite to campsite is easy. Absolute and supreme independence!! Below we will discuss the different models of Fiamma motorhome awnings, so you can be sure to get the one that most suits your van and adventure style!

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Fiamma Awning Accessories

Fiamma Awning Accessories

Accessories for Fiamma Awnings to include all accessories available fo

Fiamma Awning Spares

Fiamma Awning Spares


Fiamma F35 Pro Awning

Fiamma F35 Pro Awning

The Fiamma F35 Awning is a sturdy manual operation sun canopy made wit

£358.46 - £423.79
 In Stock
Fiamma Zip Top

Fiamma Zip Top

This is the top part of the Fiamma Zip awning. You buy this together

£813.86 - £1181.72
 In Stock
Angles Mort Motorhome Stickers - 3pcs
£1.49 Off Discount Flag

Angles Mort Motorhome Stickers - 3pcs

New legislation in France from 1 January 2021 requires all vehicles ov

£5.50 (inc VAT)
Fiamma Deep Black F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric
£411.05 Off Discount Flag

Fiamma Deep Black F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric

The Fiamma Deep Black F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric is a newly introduced

£799.94 (inc VAT)
 In Stock
Fiamma Titanium F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric
£174.79 Off Discount Flag

Fiamma Titanium F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric

The Fiamma Titanium F80S 370 Royal Grey Fabric represents the latest i

£874.20 (inc VAT)
 In Stock
Fiamma Deep Black F80S 320 Royal Grey Fabric
£269.05 Off Discount Flag

Fiamma Deep Black F80S 320 Royal Grey Fabric

The new F80s range of awnings replaces the previous F65s range. The F8

£768.94 (inc VAT)
 In Stock
Fiamma F45S 300 Awning without Brackets Deep Black, Royal Grey
£120.09 Off Discount Flag

Fiamma F45S 300 Awning without Brackets Deep Black, Royal Grey

An easy to use and simple to install Fiamma awning perfect for any veh

£718.90 (inc VAT)
 In Stock

Why buy a Fiamma Motorhome awning?

Fiamma is a very trusted name in the Motorhome and leisure vehicle industry, because time and time again their products are very innovative, precise to customers’ needs and exceedingly durable over time and trustworthy. In fact, Fiamma is known worldwide as a pioneering, market leading company in designing and making technical accessories for the recreational vehicle world. Fiamma can boast more than 100 patents registered in Europe, USA, Japan and China. The Fiamma Motorhome awnings we are looking at today are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, in their factory in Cardano al Campo in Italy. Fiamma’s HQ is in Cardano al Campo, where they focus on product design and then worldwide distribution. Fiamma also have eight manufacturing plants, where they focus on and implement product improvements, new technological innovations and novel production processes. Fiamma are constantly bringing fundamental, up to date products to the leisure industry.

Why choose a Fiamma Motorhome awning?

There is now a huge array of recreational vehicles touring the roads these days. There’s the conventional coach-built motorhome, usually with an over-cab bed or micro motorhomes that are based on a small van or people carrier conversion. The iconic campervans, like the Volkswagen campers, have been popular for over half a century, which is not surprising as they offer very comfortable accommodation for two, but can still be used as the family car. Definitely massively growing in popularity in the recreational vehicle industry, is the larger van conversion (panel vans), which are big enough to have standing head room, but also a cleverly fitted kitchen, washroom and bed area. Then we have the A class motorhomes that usually have the driving cubicle as part of the main body of the van and have lots of room for all the indulgences of home and enough room to comfortably sleep the family. A Tag Axel motorhome is one like the A class, but it has an extra set of wheels and a longer axel so that there is even more room for luxury living. Finally, we will mention the RV (American Recreation Vehicle), which are usually giant vehicles, often with slide-out sides to create bigger bedrooms and we seem to be seeing more of these on the UK roads in the last few years. Whichever recreational vehicle you have, Fiamma will have the awning solution for you, so you can extend your living space. Let’s be honest, with the unpredictable British climate, it’s great to have shade if it is too sunny, especially for the children and it’s also essential to have cover from the rain. It’s fabulous to have a dry space to get the kids out of wet coats and boots, before they scramble all over the van. Or rubbing down wet dogs!! Fiamma offer a choice of motorhome awnings that are wall or roof mounted, winch opening or manual opening, with streamline looking case-boxes and a great choice of durable fabric colours. Even more cleverly, Fiamma offer a very wide range of motorhome awning fixing brackets, which literally allow them to attach to any van. Let’s find out what features make Fiamma motorhome awnings elegant, simple and easy to use!

What is the Fiamma Auto-lock and Dual Security feature?

Fiamma manufactures the only awnings with a silent opening feature. This is due to their German TUV certified Auto-Lock self-locking winch safety system which has exclusive long life aluminium mechanical parts. The other equivalent hook release mechanisms on the market are often noisy and not comparable to the vastly exceptional Fiamma quality opening mechanism. Fiamma’s Dual Security system gives peace of mind as the device specifies the correct closure of the front bar, by two small plastic flags inside the side end caps.

Fiamma’s Presto Fix explained

Overtime, due to fabric and awning arm movement, one side of a motorhome awning can stop closing perfectly, which can be very annoying. Fiamma awnings are the only awnings with a patented adjusting system, called the Presto Fix, that enables campers to gauge the closing of the front bar and realign the closing of the front bar if necessary.

Fiamma’s One Way Roll system will stop you ever rolling the canvas in the wrong way!

At some point in their touring life, a motorhome owner will have completely retracted their awning, only to realise that the canvas is rolled the wrong way around the inner roller tube, making it impossible to close. Very frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to get home or it’s raining as you leave your pitch. Fiamma’s One Way Roll is a patented mechanism that makes this scenario an impossibility, by not letting the canvas ever be retracted the wrong way round. Simple but most definitely ingenious!

What is the Fiamma Dual Shock Absorber and Extra Strong Arms?

Fiamma’s Dual Shock Absorber greatly helps protect both the awning and your vehicle, because the arms are fixed with a certified double bolt system, known as “Double-Block”, which gives a lot more stability and ease of regulation. The arms of the Fiamma motorhome awnings are highly resistant, reinforced and articulated. The wire cables are 3.5mm and are very strong; they have been tested to ensure they can withstand more than 10,000 cycles of being erected and closing. They can also maintain a steady fabric tension of up to 32Kg.

How do privacy rooms and panels attach to the Fiamma motorhome awning?

The Fiamma motorhome awnings are furnished with a Double Guide on the lead bar, which means you can attach two front panels. You may want to add Fiamma Privacy Room or the Fiamma Sun View or one of the many other fronts and sides Fiamma have available, which you can view in Fiamma Motorhome Awning section.

How does Fiamma’s Secure Lock system work?

The legs of the Fiamma motorhome awnings are telescopic with manual locking, which enables campers to decide upon the height of the lead bar, depending on what suits them best. Fiamma awnings have a dual fixing possibility for its incorporated legs which is to the wall and to the ground.

The Fiamma canopy fabric explained!

Brilliantly, the Fiamma motorhome awnings are available in different finishes and colours, so you can match it perfectly with your beloved home away from home. Fiamma guarantees reliability and durability in their top-quality canopy fabrics, due to their diligent production processes and state of the art technologies for designing and testing. The fabric has high resistance to UV rays, meaning they will keep their colour and strength longer. It does not fade in the sun and as the fabric has no seams, it has a great resistance to water and tearing. It is also flame-retardant and it won’t harm it if you are packing up in the rain and you rewind it damp, as it is rot proof and waterproof.

Is the Fiamma F35pro the motorhome awning I am looking for?

The Fiamma F35pro awning is very compact in a lightweight anodized aluminium case and has a manual mechanism. If you are restricted by a certain budget, then this awning is the most affordable one and it comes in 5 different sizes, with a choice of casing colour (deep black or titanium) and fabric colour (royal grey or royal blue). It is a very practical awning that is suitable for minivans, 4x4s, utility vehicles and station wagons, as Fiamma have made many different fixing brackets for this awning. (It is designed for campervans and caravans). Cleverly, the legs of the F35 are stored actually inside the roller tube and are very easy to take out end erect as they are telescopic and hinged. It is very convenient, easy and quick to put up. The reinforced arms keep the canopy fabric nicely tensioned.

The roller tube of the F35pro allows you to roll the canopy fabric in two directions, which again make its very easy and quick to pitch up and take down. It has the Fiamma Double guide (described in detail above) on its lead bar, allowing you to install up to two different front panels at once or other accessories. Installing and removing the Fiamma F35pro from your van is stress-free as the brackets are conveniently fixed onto the van walls or on roof rails. If you do decide to attach it to the roof rack, a mounting kit can be purchased that doesn’t require any drilling. (If you are buying this Fiamma awning for a caravan, it slides directly into the caravan’s rail without the need for any additional brackets).

It is worth mentioning here that all the Fiamma awnings do not come with fixing brackets as there are so many different types to enable these awnings to fit onto as many vehicles as possible. You need to make sure you choose the correct one for your chosen awning and vehicle, which can be done here, Fiamma F35 Pro Awning Mounting Brackets.

Many years of development and testing has gone into the canopy fabrics of the Fiamma F35pro. Their latest fabric is absolute top quality and is obviously exceedingly waterproof, but also it is washable, multi-layer abrasion resistant, flame retardant and has the same pattern on both side, which creates a very cool and cheerful inner environment. It has good UV protection, so won’t fade in the sun and it also has reflective qualities, which helps you to stay cooler in warmer weather. Having no seams in the fabric really helps to increase it’s strength, making it more resistant to tears if it gets suddenly gusty. Being rot-proof, it is not a problem to wind it away wet, but it’s always worth letting it dry out at home, when the weather is better.

You may decide to look into the different panels that can be purchased for the Fiamma F35pro. The Fiamma Blocker Pro is a front panel that has one large full light crystal window and a vinyl extension to the floor. It is made from a rot-proof washable vinyl that also has UV protection. It is simple to install it using the Double Guide with elastic hooks and pegs that come with it. Make sure you buy the right size to fit the size of the F35pro you have. A Fiamma Sun View is a very useful front panel that fits all Fiamma awnings with a front bar guide and they are made of translucent light filtering material, which blocks out about 80% of light. The Fiamma Shade Sun View is made with translucent light filtering material to protect from sun and rain extending the shade surface. Suitable for all awning models and other awning brands with guide in the lead bar.

Which recreational vehicle does the Fiamma F40 awning designed for?

The Fiamma F40 VW T5/T6 Awning is a high performance removable roof-mounting with compact design, especially for camper vans. This awning suits the VW T5 or T6 perfectly. (Please note, this awning is only suitable for vehicles without a pop roof. It is not for the VW California). As it sits very low above the roof line of the vehicle, it has a very sleek automotive appearance. It has been designed with attention to detail and unrolls in an overhand motion to guarantee fabric tension. It has a left side winch. It is 2.7m in length, has a deep black outer case and it has Fiamma’s Arms Reverse System. This involves reinforced arms with reduced section and with reverse corner opening of % degrees which enables you to maximise the use of the height under the awning. This means that with the Fiamma F40 awning, when it is fully opened the lead bar is higher than the case box, which means the side door is not hindered during opening and closing. The legs are flat with predefined position for fast and precise opening. Pitch up on your favourite campsite, unroll your Fiamma F40 awning and put your feet up and relax. It’s that easy! Make sure you choose the correct fixing brackets for the Fiamma F40 awning to fit to your van. As with all the Fiamma motorhome awnings we have here at Leisureshopdirect, the choice of fixing brackets you will need for your chosen Fiamma awning to fit your exact vehicle are at the bottom of the awning’s page, below the description for you to click on.

Why is the Fiamma F45L motorhome awning considered one of the best awnings on the market?

The Fiamma F45L motorhome awning provides a fabulous shaded area, big enough to accommodate family and friends. It has an extra-large roller tube, making it great for the larger motorhomes and large van conversions. You may be thinking how can such a large roller awning be strong enough? However, don’t worry there is a larger cross-section awning case which provides far more rigidity to the awning, giving it the strength is needs. Fiamma have made sure they have over-engineered this awning to ensure you will have years of use from it. The Fiamma F45L motorhome awning has a tonne of innovations, making it a very functional, advanced awning and a fabulous choice for your holiday adventures. Fiamma have over 90 different types of dedicated brackets to ensure the Fiamma F45L will fit to nearly every van out there. It has been designed for wall installation. (Remember, on Leisureshopdirect, the choice of brackets is always displayed below the descritption, on each Fiamma awning page). It also has the Fiamma Presto Fix (enables you to always close the lead bar perfectly, even over time), the Fiamma Dual Shock-Absorber to absorb heavy stress on the awning, a great Roller Support system, facilitating the rolling up of the canopy fabric. Fiamma’s Dual Security function indicates when you have correctly closed the lead bar and the Reinforced Arms keep the fabric nicely tensioned. Fiamma’s One Way Roll guides the direction of rolling up the fabric and won’t let you do it wrong. The Double Guide system allows you to install two front panels of your choice or other fixing accessories. Fiamma’s Secure Lock allows you to choose the height you want the lead bar and the telescopic legs can adjust to support this. They have reinforced joints. Also worth mentioning is the Cable ducts on the arms which allows cables to pass through, so you can have accessories like the Fiamma LED kit.

The Fiamma F45L is opened and closed using a winch, operation by a handle, although electric motors are available. The case is made from extra strong extruded aluminium, which is very light and it has a highly resistant external coating, which you can chose in either polar white or titanium in colour. The vinyl canopy is UV resistant, highly waterproof and washable. Along with it’s easy maintenance, it is cool and cheerful in bright colours on both sides of the canopy.

What side and front panels are available for the F45L Fiamma motorhome awning?

Being a much larger awning, you may be interested in all the Fiamma side panels that are available, enabling you to create an enclosed room. The Fiamma F45 Privacy Room is very popular amongst Fiamma motorhome awning customers. It is made from quality, sturdy materials and the grey tones make it a very elegant and modern addition. It is composed of 1x front panel with door and window with mosquito net, 2x side panels with windows with mosquito net, 1x curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure, 1x Fast Clip installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles), 1x Kit elastic ropes with quick hooks and 1x Mega Bag, dim. 140x27x40cm. If you have a large family or friends are going to be visiting, then why not create more space with this Fiamma F45 Privacy Room. It can transform your awning into a comfortable living area and the widened windows create a very light, airy environment. The Fiamma Sun View. is a convenient front panel for all the awnings with the front bar guide. It is made with translucent light filtering material, blocks about 80% of the light. If you don’t want a completely enclosed room under your Fiamma F45L, then you may want to consider the Fiamma Blocker Pro. This front panel is equipped with one large full light Crystal window and vinyl extension to the floor. Made of rot proof vinyl, washable fabric with UV protection. Simple to install using elastic hooks and pegs provided. Another alternative is the Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light, which is very quick and easy to install.

How is the Fiamma F45S different to the F45L?

The Fiamma F45S Awning is very similar to the F45L, just smaller in size. It is a wind out awning and is actually the most popular box-style awning in Europe. It has had years of innovation and improvement, making it a top quality, reliable, easy-to-use and install awning. It is compact and functional and takes up very little space when it is not in use. Because it has been around for a while, along with continual analysis and advancement, there are lots of useful accessories to make life on the campsite even more comfortable. It is very safe and sturdy to operate, with an easy-to-hook winch loop. The Fiamma F45s has automatically extending arms and all but the 190 have drop-down legs which neatly fold back into the strong aluminium case. There is a wide choice when it comes to the look and finish of the Fiamma F45s. There is a choice of polar white, deep black or titanium for the casing and the you can have the canopy in royal blue or royal grey. The lengths vary from 190 to 450cm to ensure you get the right awning for your home away from home. It has all the other fabulous, useful awning features like the Double Guide for installing two front panels, Auto-Lock Safety (fast and silent closing and opening), the Dual Security Device (perfect long term closing; peace of mind it’s safe before travelling), the Fiamma Presto Fix (adjusting system for perfect closing) and the One Way Roll (you can only roll the fabric back in the correct way). The Fiamma F45S also boasts the Dual Shock Absorber (an absorbing bracket with dual bolt to protect awning and vehicle in sudden bad weather), extra strong arms (reinforced articulated arms with double steel cable, enabling you to maintain an optimal canopy fabric tension) and finally the Secure Lock (so that legs can be fixed to the ground or wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted due to telescopic legs). If you want further information on these innovative features, please read above where we have discussed them in further details for other Fiamma awnings.

What special features does the Fiamma F45S Canopy have?

Literally years of testing and development has gone into the canopy fabric used in all the F45S canopies and their latest fabric is multi-layered to make it extra abrasion resistant and it is thoroughly waterproof and washable. It is also flame retardant and has the same pattern on both sides of the fabric. It has UV properties to help it not fade in the sun, ensuring you will the envy of the campsite for years to come! Along, with its reflective properties, enabling you to stay cooler in warm weather, it is a very state-of-the-art piece of kit, that you will be very pleased to own. As it has no seams on the canopy fabric, it is very strong and much more resistant to tears, caused by strong sudden winds. It is also rot proof, meaning it won’t do it any harm if it is packed away damp, but make sure you air it in dry weather when you get home.

Which panels fit the Fiamma F45S?

As with the Fiamma F45L awning there are many side and front panels to make your time on the campsite even more comfortable. The Fiamma F45 privacy rooms will enable you to double your living space, by creating a very useful room. The Fiamma Sun View will protect you and your loved ones from the sun. The Fiamma Blocker Pro gives you protection from the elements and some privacy. The Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light is an option you may want to consider as it is very quick and easy to put up.

These Fiamma awnings are the most elegant, user friendly and trustworthy awnings on the market today. Look forward to adventures away, under a starry night sky, in your favourite spots close to the beach, up on moorlands or at the foot of a mountain. Mount up a Fiamma awning, double your living space and explore! Fiamma helps you to fully enjoy every moment of freedom on the road.

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