Sterling Caravan Spares

Sterling Caravan Spares

Since its inception in the late '90s, the Sterling brand has been part of the prestigious Swift Group. Having replaced the popular Sprite brand in the UK in 1997, Sterling also served as the owner and producer of the renowned Eccles brand, the fore-bearer of modern British caravanning. Given the diversity of the caravan ranges that made this brand a household name, and the level of innovation that went into their making, it's not surprising that Sterling caravan spares and parts are very sought-after to this day. Needless to say, at Leisureshpdirect we stock a variety of Sterling caravan spares for all the most popular makes and models.

As the Swift brand grew and revolutionised the caravanning experience with a suite of innovations, Sterling flourished as a brand and welcomed a series of sister companies. On the cusp of the 21st century, Sprite was revived and revamped into much more than a collection of highly durable caravans for a weekend getaway. Along with this well-established brand, Sterling caravans were reinvented, featuring aerodynamic outlines, sleek GRP mouldings, and integrated sunroof windows at the front. Paving the way for the industry at large to modernise its offering, Sterling is a well-loved brand for caravan owners across the country, so there's great demand for Sterling caravan parts and spares.

By the year 2010, the Sterling Elite and the Sterling Continental were all the rage, and demand for Sterling caravan parts for these ranges is still strong. With time, the iconic Oregon pine' finish of the classic Sterling was replaced with the smoked oak inlays and hessian effect furniture of the Sterling Eccles SE and Sport ranges. Distinctive and brimming with character, these caravans offered lasting comfort and style at reasonable prices. As caravan owners were delighted with their streamlined outlines, their contemporary interiors, and their soft furnishings in tasteful earthy tones, it's no wonder that our customers' interest in Sterling caravan spares and parts never dwindles.

Unfortunately, the Sterling caravan range has been discontinued after the 2017 season. But being the iconic and enduring brand that it is, Sterling is very popular with the caravan aficionado. After all, these are durable and hard-wearing caravans, made with parts that are designed to last for generations. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to find original Sterling parts at caravan salvage centres. So, if you're looking for new Sterling caravan parts and spares, look no further than Leisureshopdirect.

Whether you're in the market for a few basic Sterling caravan spares and parts to keep your caravan roadworthy and in tip-top shape, or you'd like to fix it up and pass it on, Leisureshopdirect will not disappoint. We stock a wide range of Sterling caravan parts to make your repair or restoration project a success!

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