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I have a 6 yr old trumatic C 6002 EH boiler, it has never seemed to work properly, very intermittent, my control panel is the trumatic C. If I am hooked to the elec supply, or just using from the gas, when turning the outer dial to heat only and have selected poss heating to 3, the green light comes on as though all is happening normally, then a minute or so later, and after a series of clicks from the boiler, the red fail lamp comes on, i repeat the process 2 or 3 times but to no avail, I have a full gas bottle, the gas is flowing, the elec is connected, all the usual checks done to include pressing the reset switch on the side of the boiler, I don't have water in the system as I am using it for winter and don't want to risk freezing up, do you have any advice to give, i have downloaded the schematic map of parts etc in readiness to ring truma about this prob, but have just found this site and really rate the work with the answers given. one other point, if i just dial the water heater when in summer use, no probs, i get what i want!. thanks in anticipation..


Unfortunately due to the complexity of these boilers there is are no easy fixes, and the parts are expensive. The first thing to try is the PCB as this controls everything on the heater, if it is not this then it could be any number of components, most these components can be tested using a multimeter as they operate between certain tolerances which can be tested. I would recommend you either contact Truma or you local Truma agent for help with this matter. If you did want to try and replace the PCB please follow this link to the spare part\r\n\r\nELECTRONIC PCB FOR THE TRUMATIC C6002EH